Carry a Big Stick

In his memoir Righteous Indignation, Andrew Breitbart reveals his role in the origin of The Huffington Post:

I approached my peers on the right with my idea, and they loved it. The idea was simple: 'What,' I said, 'if we can get the collective left that we have dinner with, cocktail parties with, the left that talks crazy in private but only expresses itself at the Daily Kos under pseudonyms – what if we can get them all to put their names next to their crazy ideas? What if we can make it a one-stop shop for exposing liberals for who they are, and forcing them to stand by their positions?'

I presented the idea to Arianna [Huffington] from a different standpoint, of course. I told her she should set up a salon for like-minded thinkers to express their views. And Arianna loved it too.

Breitbart's mission was a success, at least by the standard of showing the left as schizophrenic with no medication. As fun as this is, we do not live in a world where insanity is disqualification for power or publication.

On Monday, the Huffington Post published an article articulating as sound the logic behind meeting Trump supporters with violence. The piece writes itself; you need not read it. Trump is Hitler, ergo this is a Never Again moment and a moral justification exists for stopping him with any means available.

The author, Jesse Benn, was subsequently bombarded on Twitter by good goys, his face photoshopped with a gold star (oy!) and appropriate gas chamber memes sent his way. Good, fine, but save your energies. This man is a massive nothing. He is an unpaid blogger. He has a child at home and he spends his time writing two-thousand word articles about racism at a Wendy's restaurant. Can you imagine the daily hell of this man's wife? "See you tonight honey, I'm headed over to Starbucks to watch for fascism among the baristas. Huh? No, no job yet."

He won't even stand by his thesis. He is on Twitter splitting hairs: "[I said it's a logical & understandable reaction to #Trump. Those don't equal 'good'.]"( Gentlemen, this man is Jewish and retarded. Those don't equal "ovenable".

His article does not matter as the reasoning it contains is already everywhere. Last month, I had a basic bitch conservative colleague put two and two together on her own to realize that branding Trump a racist opens his supporters to violence. This is why no one in my city is walking around with a Trump hat or a driving with a Trump bumper sticker. In this SWPL citadel, those are grounds for harassment of the man and defacement of the vehicle. This logical calculus is programmed into Americans starting in grade school.

On Friday, January 20, 2017, the next President of the United States will be inaugurated. Until then, Barack Obama is the head of the Justice Department, the IRS, and the FBI. We know it and the Huffington Post knows it: every supporter of Donald Trump and likely every White American is in increasing danger of violence at political events. Our federal and state governments will not step in to stop it. This is our White privilege.

If you plan to attend a Trump rally, bring friends and do not walk the streets alone. If you have been squatting and deadlifting weekly, as required for membership in the Alt-Right, consider organizing with other goys to provide an escort for women and children to and from their cars. Be the type men your children would want as fathers (unlike Jesse Benn). We have to stand together as we are quite obviously morally alone in our own country.