The Death of "Colorblind" Cuckservatism

An interesting current-year phenomenon is the proliferation of (((conservative))) thinkpieces about the alt-right, replete with much oy veying and verklempt “I literally can’t even”-ish arguments about as substantive as the old “THAT’S RACIST” Wondershowzen gif. ((((David Marcus)))) of The Federalist is the latest to throw his yarmulke into the growing effort to admonish @RickyVaughn_99 into a household name. His How Anti-White Rhetoric is Fueling White Nationalism stalls out at a RACISSSSS!!!!!!!!! RACISSSS!!!! THEY’RE ACTUALLY RACISTTT!!! quality of persuasion in its condemnation of the alt-right, but Marcus does make decent, if obvious, points about the consequences of the turn toward explicit anti-Whiteness in shit-tier clickbait journalism and basic bitch leftist thought. It turns out that articles in mainstream news outlets with names like “White Men Must Be Stopped: The Very Future of Mankind Depends on It” and public school programs designed to shame White children over their skin color may actually––shock!––make whites feel under attack, and as a result, move closer to an embrace of tribalism. Hence the growth of the alt-right, the author accurately observes. And though Marcus doesn’t seem to take any issue with Black and Asian pride movements, he finds the prospect of Whites self-advocating as a group a worrying trend worthy of a big fat "shut it down." A healing journey back to absolute White atomization and docility has become necessary, and to accomplish this task Marcus proposes that we look to towering conservative icon W.E.B. Du Bois, and “return to the goal of treating people as individuals, not as representatives of their race.”

Too late, Marcus. The colorblind society is dead.

Black Lives Matter is a response not to opportunity, but outcomes. Black America is floundering. Turns out they struggle to excel at any activities beyond catching inflatable balls and dogfighting. But if Everyone Is The Same™, there’s no reason why Blacks should doing so shittily at, well, everything. Evidence of systematic oppression has been comprehensively searched for, and turns out to be a tricky thing to find. And yet these massive differences in arrest rates, average incomes, academic success, and even IQs persist. How mysterious! Since citing innate biological differences is off-limits, the only viable explanation is a kind of quasi-preternatural force that props Whites up while holding Blacks down. Enter “White Supremacy,” a formulation ((((academics)))) created to draw helpful chronological links from the Middle Passage to drunk frat boys wearing sombreros on Halloween. A generation of mulatto college students caught wind of the idea, and now this veritable Swiss Army knife of White scapegoating is widely used in explaining away any concern about Black conduct that may come up, now or at any time in human history, anywhere on Earth.

The theory of White Supremacy––and the attendant implication that Whites want Blacks to be unassimilated losers disproportionately dependent on dem programs––seems insane to us, and all but the most gullible goys, but within an anti-racist paradigm that the Left and Right protect as a unified front, the ascendancy of crackpot theories like White Supremacy becomes inevitable.

Colorblindness and anti-racism create an inverted moral universe in which the most disruptive, the most useless, the most dangerous, resemble society’s victims rather than its villains. If Blacks are the same as Whites, morally and intellectually, but incarcerated more often and collectively achieving much less, the most plausible explanation of the disorder shifts to external pressures rather than internal predilections. In a “colorblind” society, Blacks behaving badly can only be explained by an unjust culture that treats them unfairly, albeit subtly. When the Right refuses to point to the biological origin of black America’s failure, it cedes the ability to convincingly reject the premises that animate Black Lives Matter, the shock troops of White Supremacy theory. If we are to, in the words of David Marcus, “return to the goal of treating people as individuals, not as representatives of their race,” we will forever be the targets of a violent crusade premised on a lie.

The current-year answer to our national dilemma is not colorblindness and anti-racism.

The current-year answer is racism.

The public is finally ready to listen, and we’re the only ones willing to tell to truth.

This issue, just as much as our opposition to wars for Israel and a borderless America, is why Cuckservatism Inc. finds our movement so threatening. The goy public accepted the premise and desirability of a colorblind society when Black America aspired to assimilate, or at least take general responsibility for their violence and idiocy. Now Blacks are complaining farcically that we’re the ones who are unusually violent, that we endanger their survival, that we hold their people back. This is Bizarro-World, backwards-day bullshit––so much so that it is destroying the anti-racist conditioning that we as a public have been subject to for almost 50 years. Mainstream conservatives like ((((David Marcus)))) see this, and feel the viability and usefulness of their mushy-middle, liberal-lite worldview––best exemplified by anti-racism and racial “colorblindness” advocacy––eroding. Cuckservative luminary, William F. Buckley, famously said––and I’m paraphrasing––that conservatism stands athwart history yelling, Shut It Down! History will not stop, and impotent (((academic))) “thinkpieces” no longer have the ability to shame our people into submission. The alt-right has exposed the protestations of anachronistic neocons to be nothing more than an earlier era’s distant fading . . . echoes. Oy vey, indeed.