#NeverTrump Exposes the Rot of Movement Conservatism

Call them what you will—cuckservatives, neoconservatives, movement conservatives, Constitutional conservatives —but the #NeverTrump people on Twitter are a walking meme. They embody alt-right critiques of the standard Republican party in a way that borders on parody, chirping every basic bitch talking point we’ve identified as being part of their worldview without fail. Recently, I have been spending more time debating them (in 140 characters or less) than I should, but I did learn some fun and interesting things about the vestigial fans of the mainline GOP:

#NeverTrump bruises easily. Half the people who I was engaging with ended up blocking me. I can only assume this means I won the debate. Even when they went for character attacks first. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it, fam. They would also engage in very flaccid brigading, some liking each others’ tweets without even participating in the discussion. In any event, inflicting severe butthurt on your opponents is a spiritual victory, especially if they think David French should run for president. Speaking of which...

#NeverTrump wants a third-party conservative to run for president. This will split the non-Democratic vote and guarantee Hillary Clinton the White House in November. These people would rather kamikaze their own party—so a liberal woman they’ve spent 20 years castigating and demonizing can be President—than support Donald Trump, who is the furthest right on issues that matter to the general pool of Republican voters. Allowing Clinton to win would not only award the executive branch to the Left, but the judiciary as well. The next president is guaranteed at least one Sanhedrin (SCOTUS) appointee and Clinton will not pick a conservative, let alone a Constitutionalist. #NeverTrump means never having another conservative majority on the court. Such a decision reflects very poorly on the supposed conservatism of these closeted Trotskyites.

#NeverTrump believes there is no difference between Clinton and Trump. The argument goes that Trump is just a Democrat running as a Republican who is lying about his entire platform; therefore he is the same as Clinton. I guess that’s why Democrats like him so much—oh wait, they’re apoplexic about him. Betraying his entire base would also render his re-election virtually impossible in 2020—another brilliant conspiratorial move! While it is true that Trump is to the left of movement conservatism on eminent domain, abortion, government recognition of gay marriages, and transvestite bathroom usage, he is the furthest right candidate on critical issues like illegal immigration, Islam, border control, gun rights, etc. A border wall, a deportation force, and a proposed Muslim ban are not Clintonian ideas. I get that he used to be a Democrat, you know, because he is a wealthy New York urbanite. And I get that he has donated to/bribed Clinton, who was a senator for New York from 2001 to 2009—you try doing large real estate and construction deals in an urbanite blue state—but how does that make him literally the same as Clinton? Do you guys even remember that Trump was the de facto figurehead of the anti-Obama birther controversy? What a closet Democrat! White men have defected from the Democratic party in droves over the last few elections—is it so unreasonable for the new GOP to be led by some of them? This is all part of the losing mentality of movement conservatives, where they don’t care about growth or popular support for their ideology, they just want to lose respectfully.

#NeverTrump buys into liberal paradigms and liberal moral authority. I know that sounds obvious on the alt-right since we understand that the mission of movement conservatives is just slower-paced liberalism, but on Twitter I saw this in action. #NeverTrump deployed a tactic right out of the thought-policing Buckleyite-SJW playbook, crying witch and expressing moral opprobrium at me for stating facts they did not like. I was accused of using "Stormfront rhetoric" and called a racist when I informed them that the Republican electorate is 90% White and that if White people became a minority there would be no more conservative government in the United States. Really this is an uncontroversial point—something even liberals understand when they boast about a new American majority—that demographics matter in elections and that different parties have different ethnic affinities, but hey, that’s “Stormfront rhetoric.” I didn’t bother nitpicking about rhetoric and dialectic with #NeverTrump, but it soon became clear I stumped them. There was no real counter to my response that: 1.) I don’t go on Stormfront, 2.) I am stating a demographic fact, and 3.) I am right. They had nothing more to argue on the demographic question than calling me names. This is why #NeverTrump conservatives are losers; they cannot answer challenges to their paradigms.

#NeverTrump still thinks everyone who opposes them is a Democrat (or an SJW), which is ironic given how liberal they are. While I was surprised to see them literally tweet that I was an SJW—maybe they use it as a synonym for collectivist in cucklish—thinking that everyone who opposes movement conservatism is a liberal Democrat is not new. In fact, when these same people were targeted by 2015’s cuckservative meme, they assumed the same thing, that only muh libruls could possibly be opposed to them. The failure of these people and their ideology to adapt to changing conditions, i.e. the political conflict between local and global and the post-1965 demographic transformation of the United States, is manifest here more than anywhere else. #NeverTrump can barely wrap its head around problems like race relations, let alone solutions like nationalism. We will benefit from this in the long run; not only are these effete miscreants losing the struggle over the redefinition of the American Right, but they don’t even understand who they are losing to or why.

Finally, #NeverTrump cannot distinguish a good war from a bad war, or supporting veterans from supporting wars. What I mean by a good war is one that both serves our national interests and is successfully concluded. What I mean by a bad war is one for which the there is insufficient justification, harm done to the security and status of the United States in the world, and defeat. In other words, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were all bad wars—the people who volunteered or were drafted for them were misled, the people who led them were wrong at best, and these engagements were net losses. I made it quite clear that I supported allotting care and resources to veterans but am opposed to these wars, their goals, and the idea that they were worth fighting in—it was not enough for #NeverTrump. They support the Iraq War, even when informed that it led to the rise of the Islamic State and the Afro-Islamic invasion of Europe. This is what #NeverTrump actually believes, that the Iraq War was a good thing. Replacing Arab nationalist governments with violent and unstable Islamic theocracies is fine. They had no real response to this either, being frankly too stupid to ponder the consequences of actions they support.

At this point, the only threat movement conservatives like those in #NeverTrump pose to us is their ability to raise money. Their ideology has been so thoroughly trashed that it can be shot down without receiving an intellectual response, only name-calling and misdirection. With the rotting away of so much of their base, their average supporter has regressed to blindly supporting Bush II-era policies with the critical reasoning ability of an Australian aboriginal. These people refuse to grapple with the salient identity and demographic issues of the late republic, and thus their role can only diminish.

Lawrence Murray can be found on Twitter at @AtlanticCent, where he is a member of several Right-Wing Bullycide Squads.

Also published at Atlantic Centurion

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