Silicon Valley is Dead

On Tuesday, Y Combinator, the premier startup accelerator in the United States, announced a five-year research project in Oakland, California to investigate the feasibility of Universal Basic Income.

A startup accelerator provides money and mentorship to startup founders in exchange for a piece of the company. YC has produced many well known tech companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, and Twitch TV. Its founding mission was to find and promote the best entrepreneurial talent in the world. Now it is producing social justice research.

This fresh load of Marxist shit, UBI, is the proposal that we pay every human being for the achievement of being alive. A salary every year of your life, no strings attached.

Any person on the alt-right will immediately laugh at this scheme, particularly as it is being tested in Oakland, California, a small piece of the Congo situated on San Francisco Bay.

We know what such a program would be: Whites (and East Asians) financially supporting Blacks and Latinos, the former being societally pressured to continue to work (they have legally guaranteed vacation time in Japan but no one uses it because of social pressure) and the latter existing as parasites on the products of White labor.

This announcement by YC, which includes a proud description of the PhD-bearing social justice warrior hired to run the project, is the final proof of something I have suspected for years: Silicon Valley is a dead animal, only appearing alive for the maggots moving under its skin.

We are all of us aware of the social justice campaigns going on at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. These companies must be distinguished from Tumblr and its ilk because they at least pretend to have a mission to innovate and improve the world. Instead they have become, to borrow Vox Day's terminology, converged institutions or near to it. They exist as organisms sympathetic to and symbiotic with the State and the Left, and that is the standard by which they govern their business practices.

This is most evident at Twitter, whose stock has rotted to only 41% of its value a year ago. This downturn has not caused even a flinch in their attempts to seal off politically incorrect speech from their platform.

Facebook is openly cooperating with European governments to censor political speech critical of the on-going Muslim invasion.

Google joined in this week's declaration to European government that Silicon Valley companies will fight hate speech on the Internet, doubtlessly now joining Facebook's censorship ethic.

Reddit does not need description. It needs a nuke.

Silicon Valley’s problems are not isolated to social media companies. I first suspected the decline of the Valley when it became clear that venture capital and corporate positions were being given out for reasons of social signaling about feminism. If even the men with money are acting on insane ideology, then the place is certainly doomed.

Ellen Pao, a woman who fucked herself in and into various positions at a prestigious venture capital firm and is married to a gay black man, was made the CEO of Reddit while concurrently pursuing a baseless gender-driven lawsuit against her former employer. She was soon after ousted from that position after enraging Reddit's millions of users by imposing a social justice regime of strict censorship and the firing of beloved employees.

Y Combinator boldly promoted one of its startups, Homejoy, for its having an Asian female CEO. The company suddenly folded after burning $40 million of investors' money and achieving nothing of value.

Theranos, a company proposing to minimize medical diagnostic devices (a worthy goal at least), has enjoyed heady praise in the media for years, due entirely to its having a female CEO, Elizabeth Holmes. The New York Times has even admitted as much. The world learned this year that the technology does not work and that the company has been faking test results. Holmes was blackballed by the FDA and dropped from the Forbes list of billionaires, her net worth collapsing from $4.5 billion to $0. The company is likely ruined.

There are other cases of women being given positions of power in technology and burning down the house, consider Carly Fiorina (that face!) at HP and Marissa Meyer at Yahoo.

These useless women are being chosen to run these companies by boards of directors populated by venture capital investors. These men are virtue signaling with their money and it has cost them tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Imagine what might have been done with these resources had they been given to White men capable of running a business.

Set aside the relentless pozzing of the public mind by social media companies and the imbecilic virtue signaling of venture capitalists and consider a profound sign of decay. Attempt to answer this question: What of value has Silicon Valley produced in ten years?

Other than fresh means to waste your life and to live without attachment to your society or flesh and blood human beings, I cannot speak an answer.

News of the most hyped recent innovation, virtual reality, came with a picture of (((Mark Zuckerberg))) with the dead eyes of a shark and the implication that soon we will all be enjoying interracial cuckold pornography in three dimensions. Splendid. A fresh excuse to delay finding a wife, fathering children, and perpetuating our civilization.

What these people lack is purpose. Faustian, glorifying, essential purpose. This is what distinguishes the Apollo missions from a satellite launched to deliver sports broadcasts.

Many things in society appear in two forms, one healthy and one poisonous. There is environmentalism that looks to the needs of future generations, that sees the beauty of nature and hopes to preserve it, and that values the scientific potential of Earth's variety.

Then there is (((environmentalism))) that wants to impose a global carbon tax and to disassemble free market capitalism and return us to living as shit-smeared primitives.

The same for feminism. There is feminism to protect women from physical abuse, grant them legal standing, and ensure the welfare of children and then there is (((feminism))) that seeks to destroy the idea of the family and orders men to become as women and women to despise what men were.

This pattern appears in education, in government, and now in technology and entrepreneurship. We have technology to sail the oceans, cure disease, and visit Mars. And we have (((technology))): just another dildo factory, producing objects that exist only to provide obscene and useless pleasure, products that function by hacking healthy brain functions. The only outcome can be the degeneration of the lives and then the culture of its consumers.

I am invested in the Alt-Right because I can see a future governed by higher purpose. We have it in sight to greatly extend the lifespan of a human being, to begin to colonize Mars, and even to send spacecraft to other stars. For me, this must happen. I am White. I am a man. It is my nature to seek what is great in the mind and make it real in the world.

There is no greater threat to this future than what our governments and the Left using them are doing to our nations. We, the people who created civilization, are being ruined, and now one of our great creative engines, Silicon Valley, has been left rusted and useless by these people.

Innovation is not dead, but all of us who are engineers and scientists and inventors need now look elsewhere to do it.