How to Spot a Jew in a World without the Coincidence Detector

So within the last week the alt-right has been CAUGHT RED-HANDED trying create a massive database of Jews using lost Aryan Javascript science. Its been a complete disaster for the alt-right in general because without this, it becomes almost entirely impossible to identify Jewish people and makes it much harder to gangstalk them online. But our scientists and historians have been working overtime to think of new ways to identify them without (((technology))).

There are many secret grimoires the alt-right has possession of. One of them is buried deep in a secret chamber located a few miles south of the Arctic Circle. Until yesterday when the alt-right was dealt a crippling blow and that left us no choice but to retrieve the holy tome. Named Il libro del naso, it details methods in which to identify Jews both visually and via written clues.

The most obvious clues the books details are Jewish names. One of the most obvious ways to identify a Jewish name is to take note of the suffix, the most famous suffix in the West being (((((((-BURG))))))). You can mishmash anything in front of it, but usually if there is a (((-burg))) at the end of a last name you know you are dealing with a Jew. Here is a short list of Jewish suffixes to watch out for. Remember this is only a clue to one's heritage; there is a small chance this might be a goy.

  • -burg or -berg
  • -stein
  • -blatt
  • -man
  • -mann

And remember these names can be mish mashed together. You can have Steinburgs, Burgsteins or even Steinmanns. There are also the more popular Jewish family names that don't use an identifiable suffix or even a set spelling. Names like:

  • -S(c)hapiro (sometimes spelled different from LITTLE BENJI)
  • -Cohen
  • -Katz
  • -Kaplan

All of these names echo and can help you build your 5th-generation Jewdar. But are there any other ways to identify Jews than just their names?

Il libro del naso mentions another effective way to spot a Jew: the nose, which is where the grimoire gets its name. Jewish noses are not just huge, they are shaped differently from most other noses due to, or perhaps in spite of, Jewish mixing with other populations. They often share the same hooked feature. But the thing most people miss is the “Hebrew swirl,” where the nostrils interact with the rest of the face in a peculiar way, with the rest of the face giving a very Jewish expression. The swirl is present in Figure 1 and demonstrated by that reptilian Jew demon Bob Filner.

There is one last visual trait Il libro del naso details. The Jewish beard. Jews have a different beard than most European men. While European men have straight and dense beard hair, Jewish people share the same genetic trait most Arabs and mud people have. Their beards look like patchy pubic hair. Unless the beard is grown very thick and long, you can almost always see down to the skin because of how patchily and lightly the hair is spread per follicle. It's not only the density but the behavior of the hair. It curls and tangles in multiple different directions just like pubic hair does.

Let's compare: here are three gross Jewish beards followed by three White beards.

Beards are a great way to identify Jews because their genetics are so mixed with subhuman filth it shows in the way their hair behaves.

Its a shame we have to resort to such primitive methods to identify Jews in these times of crisis. But Google has forced our hand and destroyed our superweapon that the god-alchemist Cuckington had developed for us. We will limp on, certainly crippled, but this development has likely set the alt right back 10 to 15 years. Those shifty bastards will pay.