Walter Hudson's Cuckphetamine

PJmedia contributor Walter Hudson has deemed that the "Alt-Right is Evil and Must Be Opposed." Implying, I suppose, that the alt-right has not been attacked on a daily basis from every corner of the cuckservasphere as well as the communist/syndicalist/pozifist left. What makes this somewhat redundant tile in the teetering Jenga column known as the old GOP relevant is that the argument is purestrain cuckservatism of the highest order. It is the Blue Sky of cuckphetamine. For every asshole and his sister who says cuckservatism is a sexual thing, forward them the article and this rebuttal. It should unfuck a few twisted cerbellums.

Mr. Hudson starts with the assumption that the alt-right, a self professed loose conglomeration of nazis; dissidents; white-nationalists; autists; fags; Christians; Odinists; trolls; wierdos; disaffected conservatives; nihilists; and people generally opposed to "this sort of thing" are all collectivist authoritarians. I disagree. While there is a strong current of opposition to the Universal Suffrage Democracy that has evolved here, a great many of us would be just fine to return the original land-owning suffrage of the Constitution. Not all of us have thrown the republic baby out with the bathwater. Like I said it's a loose conglomeration.

And this assumes something rather insipid: that Trump is some sort of Mussolini. Trump is

" fundamentally un-American and immoral paradigm that is in essence no different than the regressive left.

If you cannot find the difference between Trump and the problem hair and glasses wearing femicommunists, call the Maytag guy because your moral radar is FUBAR.

Mr. Hudson graciously concedes that the alt-right's concern with "maintaining the American way of life, maintaining 'who we are'" may have an aire of legitimacy. However, Mr. Hudson insists, race has nothing to do with it. Here we see the largest crystalline formation of cuckphetamine, dense and pure and worthy of a 10 year min man federal indictment:

The American way of life is defined by philosophy. To be American in the spiritual sense is to affirm "that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." There is nothing racial in that conviction. Anyone, from any background, can adopt it. The proper concern in immigration then is not whether immigrants share a white national origin, but whether they are American in their spiritual destination.

Heisenberg himself would tip his porkpie hat at this level of purity, emphasized by the succinctness of the author's composition. But this is a drug rejected by the alt-right and a growing number of younger voters who have already shown the GOP sexagenarian (and up) class the door.

Mr. Hudson may be blinded by confirmation bias. He is one of the very few "uncle tom" POC's who aspire to the ideals espoused in the American Constitution and the outdated notion of the "melting pot." A century or so, during periods of much stricter immigration standards, people, mostly white Europeans, came to America to "be American." While they did maintain enclaves of their own cultural identity, they spoke the language and learned the laws and customs over time. They believed in the Bill of Rights and Constitution and managed to find their place in American society. If you went to the barrios of the American Southwest to preach this ideology, you'd likely end up living out your last moments to obnoxious mariachi music in the background of a narcoblog execution video.

This is the problem with the "natural conservative" arguments brutally mocked by this website and others over the past few months. Do you think the inner city youth-teens and 20 something high school students of Ferguson give a flying fuck about individualism, self-reliance, and hard work? Do you know the sound of sucking wind through your teeth? (pdf)

This is not to say that maybe 50 years ago, when demographics, culture, and education were vastly different animals that it could be possible to teach these values to non-whites in America. But with the rise of the gibsmedat class, forever dependent on government handouts extracted from the present and future income of mostly white taxpayers, weaning POCs off government money is a cold-turkey nobody will eat. POCs are entitled to this drug, nay, they are owed it, and it will be extracted from whitey until further notice.

I am a lawyer. I love our bill of rights, I love the idea that in America, you can still relatively do well on your own, if you put your mind to it. I still think nobody owes you shit, and likewise, you only owe others what your morals say you do. But these ideas are honest-to-God white ideas. We adopted the common law traditions of England not Africa or Mezo-America. Want to know what happens when we initially tried to export our political values back to Africa? Back to Hudson:

We should note that the whitest and most native member of the alt-right, through their embrace of collectivist authoritarianism, proves less American by merit than the most recent Mexican immigrant who embraces individual liberty.

First, start by finding a "recent Mexican immigrant" who was not discovered by a DHS hold after being arrested for a drug or violent crime. Then make sure that this fine soul did not overstay a visa or otherwise violate immigration laws, then check to see if this person can legally vote, then determine which party they vote for. Then you can begin to assert this point. I can wait. Oh wait, my wife is scheduled to give birth in December so I don't have time to wait for Black Diogenes to find his magic Mexican. These rarities are the "Unicorns" of the cuckservatives' quest for a self-assuring threesome.

While Donald Trump may aspire take a lot of actions on his own initiative, anyone with a brain knows the man cannot act alone as President. As the leader of the Republican party, he would have the pull to help guide legislative perogatives to achieve his policy goals. He does have a lot of vested authority in the Constitution but with de facto control of the senate through his VP, and with Ryan's assistance, he will be able to grease the skids to build that motherfucking wall, and there isn't much whining that will stop it. This "authoritarian" boogeyman needs to go back under your bed. Back to Heisencuck:

National sovereignty derives its moral authority from individual sovereignty. That is why, for instance, the allies were morally justified in their invasions of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

I'd say Pearl Harbor was the moral impetus to join World War 2, followed soon after by Germany declaring war on the United States. But then that's just a common sense reading of history. National sovereignty derives its moral authority from the citizens banding together to demand protection of the commons. Ask the fat, naked, polyamorous left libertarians if national sovereignty even exists and they will quote the NAP in between weed tokes. Borders, Language, Culture: to quote Michael Savage (((Weiner))) none of those things comes from individual sovereignty. National Sovereignty is derived from abandoning some small measure of individual sovereignty under the social contract. Individual sovereignty to the extreme results in comedy gold.

The mere claim to sovereignty does not hold unless backed by respect for the sovereignty of others, whether other free nations or the residents within a nation's own borders. That's what the nationalists too often miss. They tend to think that a nation exists for its own sake, or worse, that individuals exist for the nation's sake.

You're almost right here, Mr. Hudson. Our society is based on the rule of law, yes, which requires through the bill of rights a level of respect for individual sovereignty. This is not absolute, as you well know. Surely you do not claim that a conscription effort, for example, is completely impermissible? A nation must exist for its own sake, because if it does not, it becomes what's happening now in Europe. Germany has stopped acting on behalf of the Germans. Sweden is essentially dead, having opened up its veins to the hordes of immigrants. These problems may not be reversible. At the least, they will require significant social unrest or even civil war to correct. Some of the alt-right may think that the individual exists for the benefit of the nation, but to conflate one part of the alt-right to stand for the rest is utter insanity and PJmedia is smarter than that.

Collectivism is evil. That is why racism should be opposed, not because it offends, but because it denies the nature of human beings as individuals and places a group above them.

Finally we come to the end. What is Racism, Mr. Hudson? This word has lost all meaning. Is racism the hee-haw drawlery of the deep-south yokel from the upcoming Roots rehash? Is racism the indiscriminate hanging of negroes from last century? Is it racist to point out "who is doing the raping" and commiting the most crime in response to black lives matter violence? Is it racist to see collapsing white birthrates and point out whites' precarious position that demographics bear out? It comes down the basic question: is it racist for whites to not want to see themselves eliminated? To push against the Detroitization of our civilization? If you can't make the connection from the economic and social decline of America and the demographic shift away from a white-supermajority, then you're not only blind, but willingly ignorant. Put the cuckphetamine away and get into the alt-right rehab. There's room for you here now. Or there's room for you in the ovens later. (See what I did there)

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