Exposing Antisemitism On The Right

Donald Trump’s ascendency has lifted the rug on all sorts of ugly elements previously left in the shadows. Violent “Black Lives Matter” members, rioting mestizos attacking police officers outside rallies, and many other incidents have painted the left in a bad light. Seeing such rampant antisocial behavior on the left, one may be inclined to believe the right-wing to be in a better state of things. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our most recent election cycle has exposed the scourge of antisemitism thriving within Republican circles.

Indeed, there have been a startling amount of antisemitic canards pushed in the recent months. Don’t misunderstand, “antisemitism” is quite irrelevant when it comes to drafting policy. Even so, we should remain on guard against bigotry. After all, we know that the Democrats are the real racists. Let’s look over a few troubling tells that anti-Jew sentiment is bubbling up in the sacred halls of Buckley.

A normal, healthily minded person will view Jewish interests as inconsequential. A politician without prejudice will focus on issues that relate to the other 98% of the country. Why would non-Jews have some emotional attachment to those pledging to defend Israel and increase the billions of foreign aid sent yearly to Israel? It’s just a foreign country with no special significance to America.

Being that Jews consist of 2% of the population, one can tell a lot about a person’s prejudices by how they view Jewish influence in America. When a politician goes out of his way to bring up supporting Israel, one must conclude that they are trafficking in the dangerous antisemitic canard that Jews have disproportionate influence in the political sphere. It is fair to translate a call to defend Israel at all costs as “You Jews run these elections. You had better make me win now that I am dancing along to the beat of the Zionist task masters.” We must crush such antisemitism wherever we see it.

You might have noticed media figures complain about “racist” cartoons and tweets. Everybody knows not to pay attention to these ridiculously sheltered writers. Unfortunately, ignoring these deranged screeds has led to us missing very important warning signs that the media is also infected with neo-Nazi scum. They claim that hundreds of Jewish media figures are being attacked by vicious words online. This is a very serious accusation. When you unpack the statement, however, another “Jews run such and such industry” dog whistle is exposed.

Jews are only one fiftieth of the population. That means that they are quite rare in the news business. To say otherwise is to claim some sort of ethnic nepotism or conspiracy. When reporters claim that most of the media is under attack by antisemites, they imply that Jews run most of the media. Yes, their mendacity is such that they push vile ideas of Jewish favoritism under the guise of anti-racism. These are sick people consumed with hate.

These bigots usually fly under the radar and periodically pop up to push the myth that the Israel and Jewish lobby has a strong grip on American life and policy. We must shut these deranged maniacs down and treat Jews like the insignificant minority they are, not as anti-Christian civilization destroyers that pseudo-intellectual skinheads like Ben Shapiro and Jonah Goldberg would have us believe. We must refuse to allow these Jewish lies be injected into our wholesome Republican party. We will give Jews and Israel a proportional amount of pandering in modern politics (2%), and refuse to allow self-hating Jews to pretend Jews are running our media. It’s what equality driven republicans (like Lincoln and Ronald Reagan) would have wanted.

Don’t be afraid. Call out antisemitism wherever you see it. Whether in the new blog The Daily Wire (pushing the “Jews run the media so we must report on all internet trolling” canard) or the old-guard National Review (sneaking the “Jews run all our policy” canard into most stories), we have a duty to disrupt any place filled with disdain for the small unimportant minority class known as American Jews. No more hate! No more pretending we need to pander to Jews or bad things will happen! We are the party of ideas, not fever dreams of Semitic conspiracy and subversion.