Angry Birds: The Most "Red"-Pilled Movie

So today I decided to head to the movies for the first time in a few years, because nothing recent in theaters has piqued my interests enough to shell out $10 for a ticket and another $20 for popcorn/drink.

Which movie was my destination? Well, it was a kids' movie. A kids' movie based on a mobile app, called Angry Birds. When I had first heard this movie announced I thought it was some sort of joke, wondering to myself how exactly they could make a feature film, in CGI, about a game where you shoot birds across the screen and knock down buildings housing pigs?
Well, to my bemusement, they did. This movie wasn't so much about the game as it was an excellent social commentary on the refugee/migrant crisis (read: invasion) spanning across Western Europe and soon into our own country (depending on who is elected).

Note: Spoilers below.

The movie starts out with the Red (Angry) bird having a slight backstory of being different. In art class they show him making a great statue of an eagle, whilst the rest of the class is painting rainbows. There's also some interesting peace signs that I myself have only attributed to William Pierce; they’re supposed to be sort of the hand print tracings kids make, but with bird feet, but I like my theory better.

Red ends up being late to his delivery job as a clown and ends up getting angry with the client for not believing his predicament of why he was late and has to go to a sort of bird court. His punishment ends up being anger management classes, an almost snarky remark at how instead of acting correctly in today's society, you'll be shoved off in "tolerance classes." The judge bird that sends him is an older, faux-owl-looking bird that has quite the resemblance to Angela Merkel, who funnily enough later is the one who also lets the antagonists of this story into the Town.

This is where he meets his two companions for the rest of the movie: Bomb, a black bird, and Chuck, a yellow bird. This is important as shown below. They represent the German flag, and I’m not joking; they nearly ALWAYS are in this order standing next to each other throughout the film.

On his way into the class which was setup as a very SWPLy type yoga house the Angry Bird passes this sign, which again can be taken as a “sign” that everything is fine, to be happy, to stop worrying and being paranoid goy, from both the public and (((media))).

As he enters there is a series of statues, the first one being two birds (looking of the same gender) being romantic, to which he remarks “So that’s what they consider art?” The next two were a few more birds, and lastly an orgy of birds to which he remarks again “Oh come on, have some decency.” It was at this point I knew the creator either had a great sense of humor or this movie was full-on red-pilled.

Now after a few days of classes and pandering to the teacher so he can be set loose, a ship emerges off in the distance of the island and sets course to crash on the island, and it crushes the Angry Birds' house.

The pigs get off the ship and introduce themselves. They say they are there to make friends and enjoy their neighbors, and that they have no plans of staying. Red is the only one upset about his house being destroyed and is the only one questioning why they’re here and how many are there. First they say just them two, then another appears, and Red is still the only one concerned about their first lie and his house. Later you find out this is a farce, but let's entertain the parallels of the refugees swarming to Western civilization with no outlook on ever leaving.

The pigs then decide to hold a banquet, which the birds gladly pay for. This was an interesting part, because it held a quote that all but solidified it was a red-pill movie for me.

King Mudbeard (no, I'm not making this up, that is actually the head pig's name): "In thousands of years the people will ask how the pigs and the birds became friends."

Angry Bird: "Yeah, then they'll ask why you destroyed all of our stuff."

At this point I was laughing, pretty loudly, because a children's movie was the first to come forward and call bullshit on this refugee crisis we seem to be facing.

Later after this quote, the Angry Bird is sent through a slingshot back to the edge of the island where he decides to investigate the boat. Now originally King Mudbeard said there were only two pigs traveling with him. Upon entering the boat the first thing you see is boxes upon boxes of TNT. After searching through more of the boat they find an entire army of pigs. Quite the combination of "gifts" for a welcoming country.

Once the rest of the pigs upon the boat are exposed there is also this very telling scene which can really only be interpreted as the the pigs being in their literal state as subhuman rapefugees swarming some of the female birds.

After the trio figure this out, with the rest of the town not listening, they decide to consult “The Mighty Eagle” (yes, this is an obvious reference to the U.S.). They go visit him after hearing tales of his bravery and greatness and find out he has grown fat and lazy, and the first scene you see of him is him overlooking the “Lake of Wisdom” and then urinating in it.

They ask for his help, to which he declines as he’s been “out of it for too long” and is grown old. So after using the Mighty Eagle's spyglass they notice that during the dance party the pigs had thrown for the birds, they were looting all of the town’s eggs and taking them onto their ship to take back to “Piggy Island.”

Red finally gets the village of birds to (literally) band together from the wreckage of the city and set sail back towards Piggy Island. They follow a trail of wreckage and debris which could be yet another analogy from the creator of the path of destruction caused by these subhuman animals.

This is about the only time that the original app game has a play in the movie as they are forced to use a slingshot to get past the city's gates and save their eggs. So that’s exactly what they do. Before and while doing so there's some interesting imagery and puns from the creator that further show these Finnish creators aren’t cucked and are very aware.

The peace sign is replaced with the pig snout, an analogy to the “Religion of Peace.” And of course “Hamnesty International.”

The trio ends up breaching the castle walls, saving the eggs, with the help of the Mighty Eagle at the very last moment, and flying away with them, thus securing the existence of their flock and a future for their avian hatchlings. And after all is said and done, the Mighty Eagle is given all the credit again.--another aside at how the “great” Americans come and rescue the world--with only a tiny mention of our actual red hero.

The ending: the town does end up accepting our red-pilled angry avian back to its homogeneity and rebuilding his house for him at the center of the town. The very comforting feeling from the movie was that they do not condemn him for getting mad anymore. Remember, this is a kid’s movie. And with nearly everything in this movie being a parallel to the degeneracy, pathological altruism for our leaders love of importing people who want to destroy what we as a people created, as well as the future of our children. They concrete the fact that we NEED to be mad to force a change.

There are also a couple screencaps that were some serious dog whistling from the creators that will make you woke as fuck goys laugh as well, pictured below:

Doctor (((Wingstein)))

The French mime from the recent attacks in Paris at the end of last year