Milo Isn't One of Us

(((Milo Yiannapoulos))) has been making waves for some time now. He recently became one of Breitbart's most successful writers, writing against social justice warriors, and feminist vanguardism. His particular niche was pointing out to his supporters and his enemies that he was a conservative homosexual, and a flamboyant one at that. As I write this his cover photo on Twitter is a pink background declaring that he is "The Dangerous Faggot." He's also Jewish on his mother's side.

This hasn't stopped many people on the right from hailing him as a champion against leftist decay. To his credit, Milo has made a career out of attacking much of the left. Most of his articles consist of scathing mockery of anti-male arguments coming from SJWs. About a month ago he said to a University student who was whining at him about his politics "fuck your feelings." There's a reason he has become popular in our circles--to a degree in his content, and entirely in his rhetoric, he is irreverent of political orthodoxy.

Then along came Milo's now famous article on the Alt-Right that he published in conjunction with another Breitbart writer. Everyone on the Alt-Right was very pleased that there was a more or less sympathetic article about us published in a mainstream news organisation, and by a writer who has a large following.

Some concern was raised about the article minimizing racial issues and the JQ, but this was largely regarded as being a covering move meant to get the article past the editors and give Milo plausible deniability.

I'm writing this article to give what I think is a much needed reminder about what we want, and who Milo is. I'm not writing this because I want to cause drama. If Milo had remained on the periphery of our movement, pushing the Overton Window rightward, I'd be happy to ignore him. Unfortunately, both inside and outside of the Alt-Right there are people who are starting to consider him one of the principal leaders of the movement. The Daily Beast recently termed him the young face of the Alt-Right.

It's time for a gentle reminder that Milo isn't one of us.

If I may be so bold as to speak for TRS as a whole, The Right Stuff has a nonnegotiable objective: the establishment of a White country in North America that will advance our interests. If Whites don't look out for themselves, nobody will. This is a goal shared to a large degree by Counter-Currents, Radix Journal, and the Alternative Right blog. Most in neoreaction would agree with the premise that race is of great importance to politics.

Between these groups, we have the core of the Alternative Right. Race, and Identitarian advocacy, take the primary position.

Along comes Milo assuring everyone that it's all a joke.

It’s hard to know for certain, but we suspect that unlike the core of the alt-right, these young renegades aren’t necessarily instinctive conservatives. Indeed, their irreverence, lack of respect of social norms, and willingness to stomp on other people’s feelings suggest they may actually be instinctive libertarians.

.........Meanwhile, the alt-right openly crack jokes about the Holocaust, loudly — albeit almost entirely satirically — expresses its horror at “race-mixing,” and denounces the “degeneracy” of homosexuals… while inviting Jewish gays and mixed-race Breitbart reporters to their secret dinner parties. What gives?

If you’re this far down the article, you’ll know some of the answers already. For the meme brigade, it’s just about having fun. They have no real problem with race-mixing, homosexuality, or even diverse societies: it’s just fun to watch the mayhem and outrage that erupts when those secular shibboleths are openly mocked. These younger mischief-makers instinctively understand who the authoritarians are and why and how to poke fun at them.

See, it's all a joke!

Milo has made something of the fact that he has an "anti-white" bias in the bedroom (except for when it comes to Trump) and that he prefers getting fucked by black men. Apparently this preference started when he had sex with a black tranny at the age of 14. Milo informs us that such relationships are beneficial to young people, because you see, an AIDS-ridden tranny can "help" young men in a way their parents can't. "Consent is complicated, especially in the gay community."

Milo is a cultural libertarian. He's an equalist. In other words, he views the vanguard of the left as having abandoned the "live and let live" attitude. Milo is only a conservative by the standards of 2016.

Milo's main critique of feminism has not been that it destroys families: his critique is that it infringes on male freedom. He has attacked progressives when he feels they have transgressed classical liberalism. If Milo is allowed to steer the movement, that's where he will steer it: away from tribalism and towards individualism.

He is not a racialist.

He is not a traditionalist.

He's a Jew that likes getting fucked by black men.

If the White race is going to pull itself out of its downward spiral it won't be done with moral relativism. The "whatever, it doesn't hurt me" attitude is what has made us so vulnerable. The White race in America started dying when the Frankfurt School and the New Left killed the American patriarch and the American family.

Cultural libertarianism is essentially libertarianism of the penis. Milo is not going to be the one to pull us out of it. If we go down Milo's path of "muh liberty", we'll have nothing left in a hundred years but our memes. Ours is the only movement standing against the decline. Don't let it be co-opted.