Hail Polarization

On the alt-right and in related circles, we have been saying for quite some time that the political split in the United States is as follows: non-Whites and urban middle-/upper-class Whites vote Democrat and the rest of the White population votes Republican. These are facts, but that does not make them understood. On one side there are clear identity politics around liberal women, non-Whites, and LGBTQWERTY; on the other there is the implicit (but disdained as low-status) identity politics of White people. The rise of billionaire shitlord Donald J. Trump, however, has boiled the electoral frog quite a bit. Indeed, now we are seeing that the Republican/White base is much more receptive to Pat Buchanan lite than anyone had imagined; a plurality of Republican voters favor de facto White populism. This hasn't been on the ballot in most of our lifetimes, let alone expressed by a public figure with 24/7 coverage. Trump has been a Google News headline daily for as long as I can remember.

I was reading the ((((New York Times)))) the other day as part of my daily digest of degeneracy when I came across a shockingly frank article. And from the Synagogue itself, or as neo-convectionaries call it, the "Cathedral." I do sincerely recommend giving this a read, because if I didn't know better, I would have thought it came from one of our blogs. It is a complete and total acknowledgement by one of the highest-status publications in the country that the future of US politics is likely to be Clintonians versus Trumpists, with all that they and their supporters imply. Putting the facts out there so plainly about who supports what is, in my opinion, a remarkable concession. There is no illusion any more. The struggle for mastery over the Leviathan on the Potomac is going to become much more polarized and it will be along tribalist lines.

Here are some highlights from what was really an uncommon piece:

Those who see the nationalist populism of Mr. Trump as an aberration in a party that will soon return to free-market, limited government orthodoxy are mistaken. So are those who believe that the appeal of Senator Bernie Sanders to the young represents a repudiation of the center-left synthesis shared by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The author makes clear the identity-driven battle lines of the current year, something conservatives are wont to deny:

Today’s Democratic base is, to simplify somewhat, an alliance of Northern, Midwestern and West Coast whites from the old Rockefeller Republican tradition with blacks and Latinos… For their part, the Republicans of 2016 rely for their votes on the Southern white and Northern white working-class constituencies that were once the mainstays of the other party.

There is a lengthy section on internal changes in the Democratic party that I will let inquiring minds examine for themselves, as one quote won’t do it justice, but in short the author sees the most pressing struggle as between the Bill Clinton model and the Hillary Clinton model of Democratic platform-building, not between Clinton and Sanders. The difference? Bill still had to reach out to White voters to do well in elections, while his wife is enamored with full-tilt minority identity politics.

[I]t is likely that the future of the Democrats will be Clintonism — Hillary Clintonism, that is, a slightly more progressive version of neoliberalism freed of the strategic concessions to white working-class voters… it is probably only a matter of time before the conflict between elite libertarianism and the populism of the voters in the Republican Party is resolved more or less in favor of the voters, by a new orthodoxy that moves left on entitlements and right on immigration, while eschewing Mr. Trump’s inflammatory approach.

The analysis given is hard to deny, and unlike so many Synagogue takes on the rise of Trump, doesn’t rely on bullshit psychoanalysis or treating Trump supporters as mentally-ill, stupid, or pathologically evil bigots. It is a refreshing take, and the open acknowledgement of race in voting preferences is one that we will likely see more of as Trump’s civic nationalism platform becomes more legitimized. And we will see more of it as Clinton continues to destroy Sanders, whose losses in vibrant New York City and victories in un-enriched upstate New York saliently demonstrated in a single state primary how the future Democratic party will vote. There are good and bad consequences of this, but I believe the shuffling of America’s political deck is a net positive for fashy goys. Let’s start with the bad.

First of all, the (potential) success of civic nationalism may lead some to believe that so long as Trumpists—or anyone else on the arc of nationalism—control the Leviathan, the system as it is now will work in our favor and that a change in ideology, an electoral victory, was all that was needed. But of course, what is done by the will of the people can be undone by the will of the people, and in a few decades the people will be colored. Legitimizing civic nationalism is a movement of the Overton window, but it is neither victory in war nor a decisive victory in battle. There are fundamental problems with our institutions.

Another issue will be the full-time dedication of the occupation government-superorganism to vilifying White identity politics or trying to redefine it into being something controllable. If you thought demonization of White interests and culture was bad now, wait until the man widely accredited as Hitler himself is seated in the Oval Office. Wait until the daily headlines are guilting and shaming White America for every action Trump takes. And let's not forget the universities. How many conferences and conversations will they be having about White privilege, White supremacy, and White identity? ((((We need to have a conversation about race.)))) Undergraduate courses in "Whiteness Studies" are going to explode. I wouldn't be surprised if they became a core curriculum class in most liberal arts colleges. It's going to be a shoah. And that's just the civil society. You can expect anyone who campaigns against Trumpism in the 2018 midterm elections to get a blank check. ((((Who)))) funds most campaigns again?

Thirdly, the Leviathan on the Potomac—and the mini-leviathans in the blue states and cuck states—is filled with people who hate Trump. Let's just say they are not going to do anything they don't have to if he gets in. And he can't replace everyone. They've been there for years and they've been anti-White for years. The interaction between Trump and the Leviathan will also dilute his politics, as it must. He might not even win. But these people will be spooked regardless and when the next civic nationalist comes along they will be just as resistant.

On to the good news, which is quite simply that when we lose, we win. If you ask yourself what made you alt-right, or a White nationalist, or a NEETsoc, or a Japanese dimensionist, it was probably some triggering experience. The first instinct is reaction, and the paradigm shift comes later. My defining experiences were through media and higher education. When I learned that George Zimmerman was an evil White man, when I learned that blacks were not held accountable for their behavior in Ferguson and Baltimore while we were to blame, when I learned that we were morally inferior to people of color because of congenital guilt and implicit racism, when I learned we couldn't have a nice White country because of muh holocaust, these were all experiences that made me realize we were under siege. And then I did my research. And here we are, goyim. Here we are.

The left will never be able to accommodate anything that even slightly smells of White ethnocentrism in this country. It runs contrary to their paradigm of everyone being mandatory equals. Trump is Hitler because he thinks we should enforce immigration laws. For fuck's sake, the pro-business and pro-Bible Republicans were Hitler too. The cucks are already on suicide watch. As I hinted at before, being anti-White will become a 24/7 job if the Republican party adopts civic nationalism or if Trump wins the general election. This is going to be painful and degrading. But no one is better at creating White nationalists than leftists who can't shut up.

Another boon for our cause is, again, the Overton shift. There is potential for complacency and we will lose some people. But if we shed, it is only because we are growing larger. Trump will be the most hated man in the world. And his supporters aren't getting off the hook.

I have been asked by normie friends and relatives who barely follow politics why "everyone on TV hates Trump," about the protests, etc. And I just say, look at them. Look at their signs. Look at their racial composition. Look at the communist and Mexican flags. They don't just hate him, they hate this country and they hate you. Their hate will harden us, just as struggle hardens any cause. When the rats come out of the woodwork, people we see we needed to do more than hire a housekeeper. They will see that civic nationalism did not solve our problems. It just made it okay to suggest that the American people have national interests distinct from the Leviathan, and all its "bad deals." Which is correct and a step in the right direction. But clearly we cannot share space with people who want us crushed politically, culturally, and demographically.

Finally, the end of the non-elite White Democrat means our target audience just got that much larger. They can't really vote in good faith for the coalition party of Afro-Latino gibsmedats, feminists, kebabs, sodomites, and cross-dressers. There are normie Whites who don't want to get screwed by ((((banks)))), globalism, or immigration. White Nationalism is the natural answer to all of these problems.

I don't know the future any more than you do. But polarization is a golden opportunity, as golden as der Drumpfenfuhrer.

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