Emotional Overload

The picture above will be one fairly familiar to anyone who frequents this website. It's a picture of the unfortunate creature that goes by the name Alice Foster hitting a police horse. "Alice" is, despite the media reports to the contrary, actually a man, according to his Instagram.

aprilfosterrr April KC, worker, writer, commie, feminist, music, books, trans, go Royals. http://twitter.com/aprilfosterrr

A tranny and a communist? Oosh!

As if that weren't enough, his twitter name is (((Rosa Luxemburg))), after the Commie Jewess who was shot and tossed into a canal by the Freikorps. I fully approve Mister Foster following in her footsteps.

The footage of the horse punching went viral fairly quickly, but only in part because of the bizarre nature of the offender, which was not widely reported on—even Breitbart left the Commie-man-in-a-dress aspect out of their coverage. What made the story spread so quickly was the baffling act itself. Upon seeing the footage I thought what most people thought when seeing it: What the fuck?

Why was this anti-Trump protester punching a horse? Did Foster disagree with the horse's political stance? Was the horse a pro-Trump fascist? Maybe Foster was simply angry that the animal had the prettier looking horse face? There was simply no good reason to attack the horse, and the insane nature of Foster's actions is what made the story go viral.

What is on display here is a case of pure rage. It's an amygdala highjack. The amygdala is a part of the brain that deals with—among other things—emotions. Without going into too much detail, the amygdala highjack refers to the event in which the amygdala highjacks the brain when it perceives a threat. The rational part of the brain is momentarily suppressed, so, for example, instead of taking the time to consider if the tiger in front of you is going to eat you, the amygdala causes an immediate response relying on emotion and prior experience. The amygdala triggers a preconditioned response in these cases.

Anonymous Conservative has looked at left/right political divide from this angle and he has some theories. He has made the case that the amygdala responds to emotional threats as well as physical ones, and that leftists are more likely than rightists to have an overreaction to emotional stimuli.

MRI analysis indicates that Liberal amygdala development is diminished. This reduces the ability of the structure to handle specific stimuli, and this results in an amygdala which is easily overwhelmed by specific emotional stimuli and less able to route it into productive action instead of panic.

This is why so often in debates leftists revert to "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!", instead of actually engaging in logic. It takes less to set off a leftist than it does a rightist. Their amygdalae are less able to handle emotional shocks.

The horse-punching communist is an extreme example of a leftist reacting with irrational rage to Donald Trump, but if you've been paying any attention to the coverage of Trump's campaign, you know it isn't the only one. The amygdalae of leftists everywhere are being overloaded by Trump's disdain for political correctness. As Anonymous Conservative has noted, Trump is practically an amygdala highjack incarnated into human form. Take this as an example:

The Republican presidential candidate got some grub, but also something unexpected — an earful from one patron who was clearly not a fan.

“Enjoy your burger, racist!” a young woman shouted from the back of the restaurant before walking out.

Outside, the heckler identified herself to ABC News as Jane, but declined to give her last name. She said she was visiting the state from South Carolina, and was unaware Trump would make an appearance as she enjoyed lunch.

“I’m really struck by his racism and Islamophobia,” Jane said. “I wanted to make sure people remembered that he is racist, and that he’s using it to rally voters…”

Outside the Red Arrow Diner, Jane continued to fume.

“I was shaking all over. I’m still shaking,” she admitted. “I did cry for a few seconds because it’s hard being that close to someone who can make such a difference, but know that I wasn’t able to say anything that could impact him.”

Let that set in for a moment. Donald Trump reduced a woman to tears by being in the same room as her.

She isn't the only one.

"I'm literally losing sleep over Donald Trump," (((Boot))) told me over the phone. "[Hillary] would be vastly preferable to Trump."

He's hoping that he's not alone — even if it means splitting the party over a Trump nomination.

"I would hope that the party would fracture," he says, "if the nominee were a fascist demagogue like Donald Trump."

(((Boot))) is a neocon who supports exporting "(((American values)))" around the globe. He just so happens to be a Russian Jew.

The video clip of problem glasses getting pepper-sprayed after punching a Trump supporter has also gone viral in our circles. Take a good look at this young woman. She doesn't exactly look like a brawler, does she? How many fist fights do you think she has been in? I'd guess that number would be zero. So what is she doing throwing punches at a political protest?

The answer is that she was already in a heightened state of panic due to Trump, and the emotional threats coming from the people around her disagreeing with her were simply too much and her amygdala highjacked her brain and made her lash out.

Trump has caused so much butthurt that the pain has gone international. Many leftists across the globe have been having fits of rage over a man who might be the nominee for a for one of two parties in a foreign country.

Do you remember the leftist hysterics of the Bush years? If you don't, just go watch any pundit from back than, or listen to any song from between 2000-2008 and you'll get the picture. Anti-Bush sentiment was ever-present in the media simply because the fact that Bush was President had leftists everywhere fuming.

George Bush preached "compassionate conservatism" and was against racially profiling Arabs, and he was still able to induce madness in the left. Trump is significantly further to the right than Bush, and he doesn't sugar coat his opinions. Leftist hysteria is already reaching a fevered pitch and Donald Trump isn't even the GOP nominee yet. If he becomes the nominee, and is then elected President, the repeated amygdala shocks are going to put leftists into strait-jackets.

The outrage we are seeing from the left isn't going away. The psychotic lashing out that we are seeing is only going to get worse as time goes on. Violent attacks against the right, as seen in Chicago, are going to increase in number as emotional tension increases. Decorum is going to increasingly fall by the wayside, and Trump—unlike the (((GOP establishment)))—has shown that he is more than willingly to play that game if his opponents insist.

Trump has arrived at a time when liberal amygdalae are more sensitive to emotional threats than ever before. Considering people with penises to be men, supporting free speech, and wanting to enforce immigration laws are all triggers to the modern left. It's a challenge to avoid upsetting people today; traversing the modern landscape without offending anyone is like walking through a minefield. We live in the age of the safe space and the trigger warning. The arrival of a populist with a "I don't give a damn" personality could not have come at a more opportune moment.

This is the best thing that we can hope for. Leftist hysterics aren't good for the left, because it shows how fragile and unstable they are. Leftist hysterics aren't good for the cucks on the right because it showcases their inability to refuse the demands of the left. Cruz and others have reacted to leftist violence at Trump rallies by blaming Trump and validating the temper tantrums of his enemies.

Every punch they throw, every meltdown they have, every enraged clickbait article they post is only going to drive politics into a frame that favours us. They are driving away their support among reasonable Whites, and by taking away "respectability" from politics they are killing the cuckservative right.

So prepare yourselves.

Butthurt is coming.