Conservative Losers

We all agree that hitting below the belt is unfair. That's not how gentlemen fight. But what happens when the fellow with whom you are engaging in manly fisticuffs delivers a knee to your junk and pulls out a knife? Because that's how the left fights.

Pictured: Respected conservative pundit losing an argument to a liberal.

Let's give you a quick rundown of the sort of barrel the left has the nation over right now:

  • You must discipline or fire employees who disagree with feminism or the gay agenda at work under equality law.
  • Companies can openly deny white men employment or promotions solely because of their race and gender.
  • Participating in gay "weddings" is now legally mandatory for caterers, florists, and photographers.
  • Birthright citizenship has turned California permanently blue and is soon to flip Texas.
  • Universities are now controlled stem to stern by the far left; being a conservative is sufficient grounds to deny tenure, even in the hard sciences.
  • Leftists can get you fired by sending your employer screenshots of right-wing things you said on Facebook (but not vice-versa).
  • Kids can get disciplined at school for disagreeing with the LGBTQWTF agenda as presented to them, mentioning they went to the rifle range, or wearing American flags on Mexican holidays.
  • Vaguely right-of-center speakers are physically chased off university campuses by "no-platform" thugs.

The left isn't winning through argument; it's winning through intimidation. Conservatives are so used to the left using violence to shut down the argument that when liberal organizations like MoveOn conspire to break the law and disrupt Republican events, shut down freeways, beat people up, and engage in other illegal activities, the entire conservative pundit establishment sighs, shrugs their shoulders, and is only roused to outrage should anyone on the right hit back.

Seriously! In Chicago, we had illegal immigrants smashing windows, throwing rocks at cops, and climbing street posts to wave foreign flags, and conservative pundits were mostly angry that one of their enablers got punched. Call me crazy, but I would think that any sane person would be more upset that foreigners are trying to shut down our political process and attacking our law enforcement personnel.

This doesn't bother conservatives

This is happening on American soil, and conservatives don't care

Today, conservatives are shrieking about Donald Trump's tone, his creative relationship with the truth, his lack of genuine conservative bona fides, his "nativism," his uninformed views about trade, and so on, insisting that we must put up their guy if we want...uh...what, exactly?

Go reread that list at the beginning of the article. Conservatives have utterly failed to protect us from the left. We're not just tired of conservatives caving before the latest onslaught of left-wing values, we're tired of conservatives letting the left use fear and violence to silence people who don't hold their views.

If conservatives actually fought the war on the left's terms, you wouldn't be able to march in the street waving a sickle & hammer standard. See, you'd find yourself unemployable once the photo appeared on Twitter. Positively citing Marx would be putting your academic career at risk. You could reasonably expect to get beaten up by Polish expats if you wore a Che shirt in public, and no one would feel bad for you. Sexual degenerates would be told that if they can't keep it discreet, they can seek employment elsewhere. When a Jew writes an article advocating "white wounding," the din of outrage would kill his career.

I've brought this up before and been told, "We can't do that! That wouldn't be fair! The left would hate us more than ever!" And that's why conservatives are losers. Your enemy just kneed your crotch and pulled out a shiv, and you're trying to figure out how to make him like you.

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