The Day the News Broke

It has been suspected by most people with at least half a brain in their heads that the media has been lying to them. Nobody trusts the media anymore. Nobody looks at their news, be it newspaper or television broadcast, and thinks that what they are seeing is telling them the truth.

Some might think that this is a bad thing, but in reality, it is not. It is a good thing, especially for us. Our (((enemies))) in the media are losing their credibility, so there will necessarily be a kind of void that can be filled. We only need to tell the truth and use facts, and people will come to us. People that have agency and are focused on politics can tell, especially in the information age of the internet where we can fact check things easier than any generation in existence before us, whether or not a media outlet is lying to them.

The media has been crying wolf for so long that nobody takes it seriously anymore. So now when they want people to believe in their message they are kind of screwed. For too long, they have been saying that rioters lighting cities on fire and chanting for the deaths of our wonderful police officers are “peaceful protesters.” They have been saying that people who bash people’s head into concrete are victims of racial violence when they get shot by the people they are trying to murder.
Hey, Trayvon was a gud boi he dindu nuffin!

People have been hearing this narrative for a long time, and they are fed up. They are fed up with being able to fact check liberal race narratives online and see how blatantly dishonest and contrived they are.

The right wing doesn’t gain popularity in this country until after the left keeps pushing and pushing their own agendas and nonsense. It isn’t until “peaceful protesters” attempt to murder politicians that the people with agency that aren’t shitlords actually realize how dishonest the left in general and the media in particular actually is. It isn’t until these crooks pedestalize those who subvert our society by threatening to murder people for not believing the same “tolerant liberal” things that they do that people can see how severely lacking in principles the left ultimately is.

And so what does the media do after all this crying wolf? After all this ridiculous nonsense about “hands up, don’t shoot” and “Black lives matter”? Do they 'fess up and come clean, telling people that they have been dishonest? or do they double down on their narratives and their lies?

They double down on their lies, of course!

So now, not only is the media blatantly lying about politicians and political campaigns that they don’t like, but now they are also treating people who assassinate these same people like they are some kind of hero. The headline that should scare anyone into speechlessness was this, which is an article run on CNN. CNN has given an interview to the attempted murderer of Donald Trump. This man, by the way, claimed that he “wanted to be a martyr.“

A martyr? A martyr for what? A snobbish class of (((globalist elites))) who want to sell out our country to foreigners so they can turn a profit? Rich (((one-percenters))) who want to break our laws by importing millions of illegal immigrants?

(And yes, you are only doing the bidding of the people you hate if you hate the “one percent” yet are pro-immigration. It’s basic supply and demand. If you increase the supply of a commodity without increasing it’s demand, the price goes down. Labor is a commodity, and is therefore subject to supply and demand, so the value of wages will go down by importing millions of workers. This is not really all that difficult to understand, but I doubt you paid attention to economics class in high school or college. Tl;dr: illegal immigration is a labor-busting operation.)

And as for the media crying wolf, I read a piece earlier today where even some journalists on the right were leaving (((Breitbart))) in the wake of the (((Michelle Fields))) scam because it was becoming a “propaganda mouthpiece for Donald Trump’s campaign” or some such nonsense like that. The mainstream media seemed to gloat over this, like it had won something.

Don’t those journalists see that the only other place they can get a job is with these media crooks? Don’t they realize that their only other option are local broadcasting in the middle of what they would, given the propensity of media people to be leftists and left-leaning, probably sneeringly call “flyover states”? It’s either that, or the (((mainstream media crooks))) that I mentioned earlier.

If they knew anything, they would see what we all can see, and that is that the mainstream media is implicitly condoning the assassination of a presidential candidate.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Speaking of (((Michelle Fields))), it has basically been thoroughly debunked by video evidence that her allegations are false. For those of you who have been living underneath a rock, this woman alleged that Donald Trump’s campaign manager had assaulted her like she was some kind of rag doll. Upon this story hitting the mainstream, (((Ben Shapiro))) quit (((Breitbart))) along with this (((Michelle Fields))) woman over (((Breitbart’s))) alleged support of Donald Trump in the wake of the allegations.

Damn, that was a lot of echo to type!

I don’t read (((Breitbart))) all that often, but the video clearly showed that Trump’s campaign manager did not choke, slam or accost this woman on any level. Clearly the allegations were bullshit from the beginning. A room full of journalists and cameramen and not a single one of them recorded an altercation of any kind, no police report was filed, and no audio or video was released by this (((Fields))) woman.

You know, it’s the same woman who has repeatedly lied about men physically assaulting and sexually assaulting her and cried ‘victim.’ Yeah, that woman.

So now this lügenpresse is promoting blatant lies as though they are true. Not only that, but they are treating the man who tried to murder one of our great nation’s political candidates as though he is some kind of rebellious counter-cultural icon.

Our (((wolf-criers))) in the media have done nothing but shout and shout blatant lies. “Everyone is racist,” “if you are lower than me on the progressive stack, then you are a Nazi that wants to oven 6 bazillion jooz, or are just a monstrous privileged, ableist, cisgendered, scumbag shitlord that needs to check his privilege,” etc. Even blue-pilled normies are fed up at how blatantly this nonsense is being beaten across their heads and how mind-numbingly dull and predictable these degenerates are.

Fortunately, when the wolves finally come, there will be nobody to hear their shouting anymore. These major media corporations would never again have a job if Donald Trump’s proposition to bring back slander and libel laws was enacted. People are tired of these (((people.)))

Don’t weep for them when nobody is there to listen when the worst happens to them. Don’t give any of them a single shekel when they are homeless and on the streets after Donald Trump sues them into poverty for blatantly lying and slandering him and every other right-winger.

Don’t you dare shed a single tear. They’ve abused their power for too long, and watching the (((media))) lose their minds as the most successful candidate in years calls them out on their lies and nonsense is fantastic.

They’ve cried wolf and nobody will listen anymore. And that should fill us with hope.