NPI Conference Report

The March 2016 NPI conference was a great success. Attendance was estimated at 150, although the speakers were fewer than at the previous conference, comprising only Richard Spencer, RamZPaul and Kevin McDonald. The mood was generally positive, and while most guests were already standing, the speakers did inspire standing ovations. McDonald spoke about the historic dispossession of White America, the suppression of resistance to multiculturalism, and how Trump represents a reaction against all this. RamZPaul did a presentation covering the basics of alt-right views and what is to be done, similar to his videos. Richard Spencer had the most compelling delivery both before and after his address, displaying considerable charisma with his uncucked speaking style and Augustus Invictus haircut.

There is apparently an ongoing surge in interest in the movement from young people. Many people there indicated that this was their first alt-right event; it was mine as well. There was a call for a show of hands for those who were under 40, for which the majority raised their hands, and for those under 30, which was almost as many.

Spencer provided further reason for hope in noting the recent proliferation of alt-right in-person meetup groups. He also repeated a comment he had made on the previous conference, namely that many people he spoke with there had only become interested in the movement in the last 6 months.

A show of hands based on geography showed that at least half were from the Northeast, including New York and Pennsylvania, while I seemed to be the only one from the Southeast. Very few were from Europe, and not many were from the Southwest either. Most were of course white, although RamZPaul noted some diversity.

Some attendees were visibly bizarre, including several with autistic mannerisms and one frightened Peter Lorre-like character. Relatively normal people were of course also on display, and the vast majority were well-dressed. A contributor to Counter-Currents going by the pseudonym Claus Brinker was there to work on an article on the conference and seemed particularly gregarious. One young man in his mid-twenties was born in Russia, although he had lived in the US for most of his life, and was attending with his wife. To their credit they already had a young child. I also had the opportunity to speak with a man named Jon who identified with his German heritage and had some knowledge of the language.

RamZPaul’s speech covered the important topic of masturbating to anime. He even provided images of anime girls in his presentation, presumably for the benefit of those in the audience who wished to do so.

Along with explaining our basic philosophy, RamZ made references to Fight Club, including a Tyler Durden quote about the rewards of giving up attachments. “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything,” Tyler said, and this was compared to a quote from the Bible. Matthew 16:25 reads “For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.”

RamZ also covered the topic of fear, something which was visible in a few of the attendees. Fear is in the mind, he explained, and it is generally a matter of things which do not exist outside of the mind. It is something which we can benefit from giving up; if we overcome fear and act, we will probably not regret it.

Regarding taking action, RamZ played one of his best videos. A young man is asked what he would do if he had only one year to live. He laughs at the question at first, then explains his dream of learning Russian, going to Russia, and writing a story about World War 2 battles. Asked about this repeatedly over the course of many years, he postpones pursuing his dream with various excuses which seem reasonable in themselves. Ultimately he is diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 70 without ever having acted. He had gotten married, had kids, and successfully retired from a career in a field which was not awful, but he had never managed a triumph of the will.

I had the opportunity to ask a question at the microphone regarding this sort of weakness of will, for which Spencer joked that I had set the conference record for use of profanity. RamZ explained that the necessary “spiritual unfucking” of the White man was a matter of an accumulation of people and momentum over time.

Another questioner brought up homosexuality and Spencer expressed the view that the issue was irrelevant to our movement. The questioner seemed to agree afterward. McDonald essentially agreed as well but added that he did not want to see the lifestyle publicly promoted. In his address he had referred to both gay marriage and abortion as non-critical issues which conservatives waste time with.

In response to another question, Spencer made a good point about Donald Trump, namely that we should not let our movement be defined by him or by any one man. The right, he said, tends to idolize individual leaders more than the left does, and in this we should be more like the left. He reassured the questioner, who seemed unsure what to do if Trump loses the election, explaining that Trump has “already won” by running and shifting the Overton window with his rhetoric.

Along with speaking, RamZ was plotting race treason with a young person without whiteness named Goldenberg, who works as a reporter although she was at this conference to observe rather than to report. She made reference to something called libertarianism, into whose mysteries she had been initiated at the George Mason University Temple of Economics. Both she and a more masculine guest fulfilled the conference’s mandatory misogyny quota with their comments.

Protesters were more numerous and sign-equipped than those who recorded themselves at last year’s conference, although I personally used a side entrance and avoided coming in contact with them. As Spencer noted, one of our opponents also put us on notice that they would not tolerate intolerant dining by crafting the hashtag #WhenBigotsSnackWeFightBack.

Spencer also made the encouraging observation that the government was not interfering with our conference; the event was even located in a government building. Instead, he explained, the only people attempting such things were private organizations.

A block of rooms were booked for the conference at a swanky hotel, although I did not have the opportunity to spend much time in it. This hotel was not entirely free of SJW-like thinking, though, with an interesting message printed on a card on my nightstand. If a guest were to hang this card on their door to indicate that they declined room service, the hotel would “donate $5 per day to Shatterproof whose mission is to protect our children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs, and to end the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.” The contradiction between destigmatizing child alcoholism and ending the negative consequences of it was apparently overlooked.

After an encouraging speech, Spencer ended with the statement that “tomorrow belongs to us,” presumably a reference to a similarly named song from the musical Cabaret. The very optimistic number is put in the mouths of young National Socialist activists with Richard Spencer haircuts in the musical, but the spirit of it is just as applicable to our movement today.