Mexican White Supremacists

Mexico is a State ruled by White supremacists who hate their Amerindian, Mestizo, and Mezclado residents, and who attempt to improve their own situation by exporting all of their mixed-race and non-White citizens illegally into the USA. While doing so, of course, they further damage their neighbor to the north and thus increase their relative advantage.

Let's take a look at a few prominent Mexican citizens, most of whom could pass for Spanish or French Louisianan.

Vincente Fox is a former President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, and recently made news in a statement about Mexico not paying for the Wall. Vincente Fox's father was born in Mexico but his father's father was named Fuchs and was of solely German descent and was born in Cincinnati, OH, USA. I don't know for sure about his father's mother. Vincente's mother is Basque. Vincente is at worst a Castizo and is probably completely White by blood, based on his appearance.

The next President of Mexico was Felipe Calderón, and there's a lot less written about his ancestry that I can easily find, but here's a picture of that "Mexican."

Who's the current President of Mexico? Enrique Peña Nieto, another one with not much written about his ancestry, but here's what he looks like.

Here's the President of the Mexican Supreme Court, Justice Luis María Aguilar Morales.

The longest-serving Minister on the Mexican Supreme Court is Justice Juan Nepomuceno Silva Meza.

Many of you have heard of Carlos Slim, the "Warren Buffett of Mexico," but how many of you knew his real name was Salim and that he was entirely of Lebanese descent? Yeah, OK, the Lebanese aren't strictly speaking White, but they are Caucasian and he's got exactly zero Amerindian mixture in his line.

This could continue with various celebrities, authors, intelligensia, etc., but the point has been established: Mexico is dominated by Whites and non-White Caucasians, and the dominated underclass is composed of those who are of mixed blood, Mestizos, Mezclados, Pardos, and assorted No Te Entiendos. This phenomenon is common throughout Latin America, and was written about by Richard Lynn in his paper, Pigmentocracy: Racial Hierarchies in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Literally under the Nuremberg Laws pretty much all of the "Mexicans" in their government, intelligensia, and entertainment industry (and most of the "hot Latinas" in America that claim "Mexican" descent such as Jessica Alba or Salma Hayek, incidentally another Lebanese) would be no worse than "2nd-degree crossbreeds" and would have been allowed to marry purebreds and the children of such marriages would be considered purebred.

It's only due to the relative darkness of skin which the settling Caucasians (Lebanese et al) and Whites (Iberian Peninsula) had, the relative lack of Negro blood (most of which became mixed quickly as well because they had no "one drop rule" in Spanish Mexico), and the lack of large numbers of Jews in their media, that this isn't more obvious to more people. It's also because of the lack of Negroes that there's no real grievance industry around race there, hence no widespread "affirmative action" group to focus on.

This allows the Mexican government to be openly White supremacist in a way that can't be done in, say, modern Brazil (although they used to be!) or Paraguay.

The major takeaway that the reader should have from this is a greater understanding of what the "Beaner Wall" conflict between Mexico and Trump is all about. The Mexican government HATES its mixed-race underclass— it hates feeding them, it hates policing them, it hates listening to them. Mexico is quite frankly glad to be rid of them, and being able to export them to a weak and naïve United States makes them happy. Doubly so, because the amount of remittances that their crimmigrants send back to Mexico is more than enough to build TWO "Beaner Walls" annually! By encouraging this crimmigration they not only remove liabilities from their books but add cash flow.

Mexico is a White supremacist nation that recognizes the damage which race-mixing does, and is more than happy to export its half-breed (and worse) sprogs into the United States of America.

Take a good look again at those politicians above, and compare them to the "Mexicans" that they're sending over the border, and then try to tell me I'm wrong.

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