No, NRO, Hillary Will Be Worse Than Trump

NRO has a surprisingly idiotic, whiny piece up by David Harsanyi, declaring that in a contest between Trump and Hillary, conservatives should choose Hillary. Since at this point, we Jew-loving homosexual apologists* at The Right Stuff have a broader readership than NRO does, it falls on us to write the response.

The NRO article is notable for what it does not mention, immigration, which is Trump's signature issue. This piece is thus itself a representation of why movement conservatism is dying. By refusing to talk about the demographic replacement of ethnic Whites with Third-World Hispanic socialists and Muslim theocrats, they are ensuring that whoever is willing to address the issue will win, and win big. That person just so happens to be Trump. It didn't have to be Trump, but it is Trump, because he's the only person in the room who doesn't wilt in fear when a bunch of atheists, communists, homosexuals, and Jews call him a bigot.

We've interacted with NRO people quite a bit in their comments, and we know they're not ignorant of the way demographic changes are driving American politics. They've never been able to come up with a defense. They've never demonstrated that they actually know how to convert the millions of inbound Mexicans to Buckleyite conservatism. They've lost argument after argument, and they've always ended up shutting down.

The fact is that 8 years of Hillary Clinton means 8 years of de facto open borders and executive amnesties. It means conservatism is dead, gone, and completely irretrievable. It's over. Welcome to Third World socialist hell.

If Trump wins, it's true, he probably won't end Medicare and Medicaid, propose a constitutional amendment to overturn Kelo, or institute a federal ban on sodomy, which I'm totally sure the GOP has as its top priorities for the 2017 legislative session. But if Hillary wins, neither will anyone else. Forever.

And we haven't even gotten to talking about Supreme Court nominees. Remember when for a brief moment, we thought that maybe it wasn't so bad that McCain lost? Then we got Kagan and Sotomayor. I don't care how much McCain stinks, he wouldn't have made picks that bad.

The gist of Harsanyi's argument is that Congressional Republicans are so craven and spineless that if Trump were to take the White House, McConnell and Ryan would be totally unable to make deals where Trump gets what he wants in exchange for conservatives getting more of what we traditionally want. He's saying that, rather than the Ryan-McConnell Congress bargaining conservative justices and broad regulatory reform in exchange for Great Wall of Trump funds and action to force Japan open to US companies, they'll just cave and give him whatever he wants. He's probably right, not just because McConnell is a quivering bag of chubby cowardice and Ryan is a dishonest narcissist, but because GOP leadership in Washington is not conservative. But that's not an argument for Hillary; that's an argument for burning the GOP to the ground.

*William T Sherman did nothing wrong.

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