Yes, Matt Walsh, Conservatism is Dead

Matt Walsh is pretty upset by Trump's unstumpable rise. Nearly everything he says is true. Trump is, indeed, not very conservative. He's not conservative on health care, he's transparently pandering on abortion, and his Christianity is even phonier than Ted Cruz's. I wouldn't be surprised if in an issue-by-issue match-up, though I haven't looked at one, even Rubio scores as "conservative" on more issues than Trump.

But Trump isn't killing conservatism. Trump is rising because movement conservatism is dead as a politically viable force in American politics. We are witnessing a great realignment of American politics due primarily to demographic shifts. These shifts were driven by a half-century of liberal immigration policy. The result is that ethnic Europeans are a rapidly shrinking share of the American population, with East Asians, Middle Easterners, and Hispanics making up the difference.

America is no longer a nation, but a multi-ethnic empire where each group is defined by significantly different morals, values, familial structure, and expectations about the nature of government. The cultural values that make up white, Protestant conservatism have little in common with Mexican Catholic socialism, Chinese atheist collectivism, or Arab Muslim theocracy.

The Democratic Party has openly declared war on white people. It now represents the ethnic interests of people who wish to expropriate and ethnically cleanse whites. We live in an era where for white people to merely be in a room is an unforgivable "microaggression," the President states his wish to eradicate the historic, ethnic character of small rural towns, and managers of major firms can openly state their goal of purging whites from the corporate leadership.

Ideological conservatives comprise perhaps 40% of white people and no meaningful share of nonwhites (nonwhite "conservatives" tend to favor things like purging the South of its history and open borders, i.e., they don't favor conserving). Last year, only 40% of babies in America were white, so unless the National Review crowd has some secret plan to take over all of our universities that we don't know about, we're looking at maybe 20% of the population being "conservative" in a generation's time.

To be quite clear, I view this development as tragic. I wish American politics could be "conservative" vs "liberal," but that era is done. The 2016 election is shaping up to be the first realigning election that defines our future: "anti-white" vs "pro-white." We already know what happens when whites become too small of a minority to defend themselves. Whether it's Coleman Young ethnically cleansing Detroit or Robert Mugabe ethnically cleansing Zimbabwe, the song is the same. Non-whites don't "celebrate diversity" or care about "equality." They care about their tribe and destroying rivals.

So it's true, Donald Trump is no conservative. And his support isn't driven by conservatism. It's driven by people who think they shouldn't have to know Spanish to know what a Republican presidential candidate really says. It's driven by people who don't think that the barbaric violence that Muslims inflict on the world should be "resettled" in their cities. It's driven by people who don't think there's any valid excuse for MS-13 being in New England. It's driven by unemployed white males who are tired of being told the criminal aliens who undercut them by getting paid under the table are "just doing jobs Americans won't do." It's driven by people who are tired of being told that it's no big deal when a white man gets beaten by a black mob "because of the intersectionality of privilege." They're people who are tired of being told it's some inevitable law of nature that when they lose their jobs to China, the difference gets made up by immigrants. They're people who are really sick of being sneered at and called stupid by their party's elites when everyone knows what the dumbest, most illiterate group of people in America is.

Mr. Walsh, if you want to be angry at someone, be angry at the GOP. The Democrats began their tactical offensive against whites in the mid-1960s with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Ted Kennedy's immigration reform. In the last sixty years, the GOP has done nothing to fight back. The last big chance was 2000-2006, and all we got was an expansion of Medicare, temporary tax cuts, a decade of war, and bailouts for Wall Street. They have ceded battlefield after battlefield to the point where, you're right, conservatism is dead. You have lost every single thing you believe in because the right wouldn't stop knuckling under on the diversity issue, and now the big issue in American politics is whether whites should be allowed to have communities and businesses at all. And if we—and I mean we, because we're on the same side—lose that, it'll be the final solution to the white privilege question.

Don't blame Trump, and don't blame his supporters. Blame the party that was supposed to protect you.

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