Jeb Bush: Blubberer or Bloodsucker?

¡Jeb! gives off such a repulsively beta stench that it seems almost inconceivable that he could be anything other than a true-blue effeminate cuck. Nevertheless, the truth is that the real Jeb Bush is something quite other than what he affects to be in public.

In a Boston Globe article we get a glimpse of his formative years. So what does it reveal? Well, one high school fellow of Jeb’s remembers ”[agreeing] to participate with him in the bullying of a student in the dormitory. Their target was a short classmate whom they taunted, and then sewed his pajama bottoms so that they were impossible to put on. The act was particularly embarrassing, said Tibbetts, who said he felt remorse for joining in with ‘kids being cruel.’ ”

We hear from another student: “Jeb Bush was large, physically imposing, and traveled in a crowd that was I guess somewhat threatening to an outsider like myself. I saw him as a cigarette smoker and ‘toker’ and someone that was comfortable being in charge of a group.”
And it gets bad: “David Cuthell, who thinks well of Bush today, remembers that Bush approached him one day in the school cafeteria, angry and ready to do some damage. ‘He sort of lifted me up in the air and I think was going to squash a grapefruit in my face,’ said Cuthell, who said he was around 115 pounds at the time.”

So the stories from Bush’s high school indicate that he’s far from a soft plushy cuck. What about more recent evidence? That was difficult to dig up, but I found this in a 2006 article: “Bush's appetite for direct control [Note: control freak] has been one of his strongest assets in Florida... In Bush's office, there is only one line to toe, and a price for anyone who doesn't. As one Republican legislative staffer told me, ‘It is extremely problematic when you don't go along. Jeb Bush can be very, very pushy. He's a pushy Bushy.’ He can also be, according to some Republican legislators, vindictive to anyone who resists him.”

One line to toe, vindictively punishing all dissent. That’s the real Jeb Bush. He puts on the “plushy” face for the stupid goyim masses, but he’s no beta. He’s an aggressive plutocrat. He’s no cuck. He’s a nation-wrecking, power-hungry carnivorous bull, lips wet with blood as he tears into White America’s carcass and laughs at you and me while he does it.