The Cowardice of Nihilism

If statistics on suicides, drug overdoses and prescription anti-depressant use are indicative of anything, it would seem to suggest there's an awful lot of psychic torment in 1st World/Western countries. This pain has a face, and it's consumer-grade Nihilism.

In postmodern societies, all preferences are equally valid. The only rule of thumb is that which doesn't cause any obvious harm to others must be permitted, and criticizing someone's life choices, no matter how self-destructive they may be, is onerous and oppressive.

The apotheosis of "progress" has culminated in a complete refusal to make value judgments.

We didn't succeed in "transvaluing values", or "deconstructing" them, or even just performing a simple reassessment. Instead we decided that "nunnadis mattahs" and some horrible existential dread was a small price to pay for not judging anyone. The fatal conceit lay in assuming that external criticism was always worse than the overpowering ennui of a universe free of any guidelines whatsoever. This is the ultimate in prolonged adolescence: the world where everything is as superficial and shallow as childish pursuits. Womanizing and drug addiction are no morally different than playing with Legos and G.I. Joes to these modern residents of a certain William Golding novel.

It shouldn't be a surprise that anyone succumbs to alcohol, drugs and mindless entertainment to distract themselves from the fact that they're living in a cold mechanistic society where adolescent individualism has been prioritized above group cohesiveness and a shared sense of responsibility. Effectively, this is a society designed by (((merchants))) exclusively for the purpose of hawking consumer goods and avoiding the dangers of ethno-nationalism.

Much of the corrosive venom is of course aimed at White males, since their contributions to history are a little too conspicuous and Tall Poppy Syndrome is a widespread epidemic. Climbing up to a position of success or power as a White person actually exposes you to social disapproval and is seen as less virtuous than being a struggling minority. What's the point in trying to succeed when your accomplishments will be derided and invalidated as being the result of unearned White privilege?

The (((media))) is almost universal in its ubiquitous depiction of Whites as villains, especially if they're rich and successful. White pride is an actual social taboo, as the conspicuous success and contributions of Whites must be minimized in a world that has cosigned itself to a numbing universal relativism. In fact, the only socially permissible "edgy" stance for Whites is promulgating actual nihilism and anti-natalism. In our postmodern world, Whites are actually assumed to be "inevitably racist", and all criticisms of Whites by "persons of color" are automatically valid. Even White defensiveness about being endlessly castigated and chastised about presumed racist transgressions is actually called "white fragility" in a hilariously transparent attempt to further trap unassuming Whites into a rhetorical corner. An objective observer could only conclude this constitutes a ridiculously toxic environment for Whites, but this couldn't be driving increasing White mortality rates, now could it?

Beyond the secular Puritanism of liberal anti-White witch-hunting, the canker of nihilistic relativism has extended into conceptions of health and beauty. Why celebrate healthy BMIs and athleticism when a morbidly obese black female with type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, and lymphedema is just as beautiful? Once again the supreme value of the day is not daring to value anything over something else.

How is this sort of society healthy and vital? It's a world that believes transcending a negative state of affairs is actually oppressive. Where is the impetus to succeed? There is no over-arching moral consensus that being successful and accomplished is better than being a fat morbidly obese transgender feminist blogger, so where is the Higher Calling? Even worse, there's an active attempt to celebrate the results of laziness and decadence with the same veneration one would usually reserve for disciplined elite athletes and dedicated competitors. Better to be an unremembered mediocre plebeian than a hero, right?

Does this make you angry? It should. This is an inversion of reality designed to protect the fragile and lazy at the cost of marginalizing any human accomplishment worth a fuck. Don't let them do this, shame and humiliate them, let them burn with envy. Why not, if none of this matters, what's stopping you?

The last virtue of a dying society is mediocrity.