The Death of Conservatism, Inc.

Donald Trump's crushing but admittedly predictable victory in New Hampshire Tuesday night has thrown "conservatives" into a frenzy of fear and despondency. The lead article at the National Review bears the headline, "A Bad Night for Conservatives in New Hampshire." No fellas, it's going to be a bad year for you, because regardless of whether Trump wins the general election this November, you know that your brand of "conservatism" has been revealed to America and the world by Donald Trump for what it is: no longer a political or philosophical stance, but a rootless social identity forged by billionaire elites.

For a legitimate conservative, a primary victory for a self-funded politician who wants to protect the nation's borders, restrict Muslim immigration in the face of global Islamic terror, crack down on gang violence in the inner cities, and overturn gay marriage would be considered a Godsend for the movement. However, here in America, these so-called conservatives are gnashing their teeth in outrage over Trump's victory, not because he isn't conservative philosophically, but because he lacks the hollow social identity of “conservative.”

Modern conservatism is little more than a club, and that doesn't just go for the politicians and elites themselves, who are conscious sellouts, but also for the hapless mid-IQ proles who support them from coast to coast. There is no longer any underlying philosophy to be found in the conservative movement. Modern American conservatism is instead a set of rules of decorum which have neither substance nor coherence: Don't say anything that can be considered racist by the left. Don't ever criticize Israel. Support any war at any opportunity, no matter the cost. And remember, anyone who opposes you is just like Adolf Hitler, even anti-Western Third World supremacists like Barack Obama.

To look at these rules, one would think that a self-described "conservative" who adheres to them would have to be delusional, or outright insane. Not only are they completely divorced from political and historical realities, not only are they totally contradictory, but not a single one of them is conservative in a legitimate sense. If you don't support conserving the founding stock of your country then you are not a conservative. You just happen to support conserving the legal system that those people constructed, and since many other nations now have similar legal systems due to the spread of (((democracy))) in the 19th and 20th centuries, there is no longer anything distinctly American about what you believe.

The rhetoric coming from many conservatives revolves around the need to save the GOP as opposed to what their goal should be, which is saving America. This betrays something that these conservatives will not admit: deep down, they don't believe America can be conserved, as they've already completely divorced themselves from America's historic European identity. Instead, conservatives devote their energy to conserving what is essentially a corporation. Saving the GOP, however, should be of no more concern to a patriot than saving Wal-Mart. Aside from Trump, the GOP is now thoroughly anti-American, culturally, racially, and politically-speaking. A political party that supports sacrificing its sons’ and daughters’ lives on behalf of a foreign state while flooding its own territory with millions of Third Worlders, many of whom are coming from the very regions we've invaded, cannot be considered patriotic.

To be fair, European conservatism is in a similar state of treason and racial cuckoldry, with even groups like PEGIDA pledging their allegiance to Israel—a hostile Middle Eastern theocracy that sends operatives into Europe to bring in hordes of violent Muslims and has nuclear weapons aimed at European cities—and signaling to their uncompromising leftist enemies how un-racist they are. Indeed, PEGIDA flags depict a man throwing various symbols into a trash bin, and the first symbol they toss in is, of course, a swastika, a symbol from their own history. The message is clear: before PEGIDA are anti-Islamic or even pro-German, they are anti-fascist and anti-racist. In other words, they are anti-German, just as mainstream republicans are anti-American. They have internalized the enemy's narrative and define themselves on their terms, which means they've already lost the political—and more importantly the biological—struggle.

So what will happen to conservatism in both America and Europe? After this year, the GOP will never again win an election unless it does one of two things: become wholly nationalist or wholly leftist. All the rhetoric about Ronald Reagan and "small government" will not do a thing to sway Whites who are under increasingly vicious attacks from the anti-White system just as all the pathetic fawning for the America-hating Communist MLK will not trick non-Whites into voting for a country-club Republican. Similarly, blathering about defending Germany’s (((liberal values))) will not get PEGIDA any meaningful support from Germans who have seen their daughters get gang-raped by Arabs just as hating Hitler and “Nazis” will not make them acceptable to leftists and their non-White minions. In short, American and European conservatism have the same exact problems because they have the same exact enemies with the exact same goals, and will share the same exact fate if they don’t wise up, and quickly.

Donald Trump can either be the start of pro-American politics or he can be the end of it. He can symbolize either a resurgent American conservatism, one that abandons all leftist pretentions and becomes a movement that puts the Historic American Nation first, or he can symbolize the destruction of American conservatism. It depends on what conservatives do in the following months. Similarly, groups like PEGIDA and FN can be the start of nationalist movements or they can be their end. Unfortunately, the odds of the GOP and European kosher nationalist parties abandoning their anemic platforms are slim, no matter how bad things get on either side of the Atlantic. In all likelihood, they will maintain their faux conservatism until the bitter end, when the nations die or they get supplanted by more radical and honest parties. Either way, conservatism in its current state—a hollow cosmopolitan social identity—is simply over, and good riddance to it.