Fash the Nation: LIVE Coverage of the New Hampshire Primary Results

Marcus Halberstram and I will be hosting a very special LIVE edition of Fash the Nation this evening from 7-10PM EST in order to bring you late-breaking updates on the results of the New Hampshire Primary, as well as the critically-acclaimed insights and analysis with which you've grown accustomed.

We'll be joined on tonight's panel by Reactionary Tree and Hagbard Celine. We may also have a special guest or two in store for you goys as well.

Tweet all questions to #FashTheNation on Twitter or feel free to avail yourself of the chat on the YouTube channel. We'll do our best to get to every question.

You can watch the live broadcast here:


We also configured the DVR function on the feed so you can seek backward while we're streaming. After the show is over, you can view the recording on YouTube:


OR on SoundCloud:


Given my soaring levels of white agency, I will also (probably) upload the recording to SoundCloud as well.


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