Trumpus Gracchus?

"Time is a flat circle."

That was the theme repeated continuously in Nic Pizzolatto's True Detective, a show that draws on the pessimistic horror literature of the early 20th century such as that produced by HP Lovecraft (1890-1937), and you can see the influence from that phrase alone. Lovecraft got it into his head that history and civilization were cyclical and that contrary to the Whig interpretation of history, that we are constantly moving forward in a positive direction towards bigger and brighter things (this could also be referred to as the IT'S THE CURRENT YEAR view of history), collapse and degeneration are not only possible but an inevitable part of human society.

It's been documented that Lovecraft was influenced in part by another writer who had a cyclical view of history, one Oswald Spengler, a German historian who also held views contrary to those of Whig historians. In his view a civilization grows and dies much the same as any living organism would. He also held that if you have the documentation at hand you can identify the same general pattern of development and decay between each civilization. So for example Napoleon and Alexander the Great would be roughly analogous between ancient Classical civilization and modern Western civilization. In addition the ancient atheistic Stoics and Epicureans of the Greek world could be translated into today's modern Internet atheists enlightened by their own intelligence.

Assuming this "time is a flat circle" idea is possible then we are presented with a question: just where are we in our political development as a civilization? With the phenomenon of Trump I believe we have a fairly simple and clear answer. Trump is best compared not to Hitler, Caesar or any dictator or conqueror, but rather to two attempted reformers in the late stages of the Roman Republic before Rome gave rise to its actual imperial nature.

Already between 150 BC and 100 BC a lot of changes were happening in Rome. Rome had recently defeated its economic and political rival in the Mediterranean, Carthage,and now enjoyed full-spectrum dominance from the Iberian peninsula to the Levant. However, contrary to expectations, the life of the average Roman was actually getting worse. Thanks to the enormous wealth made throughout the empire and brought back to Rome huge fortunes were being made, but the average person was getting shafted. This was mostly due to the mass importation of low skilled, easily exploited slave labor by the rich into Italy:

Much public land had been divided among large landholders and speculators who further expanded their estates by driving peasants off their farms. While their old lands were being worked by slaves, the peasants were often forced into idleness in Rome where they had to subsist on handouts due to a scarcity of paid work. (

Not only were slaves now working land that was once owned by freemen, the lifeblood of the Roman state, but the freemen, after being chased off their land, were now crowded into cities forced to live off welfare since there was no more work to be had. As you can see today, things are roughly the same in the American Republic as they were in the Roman Republic, as half our population is on benefits thanks to policies such as outsourcing and mass immigration.

American workers now need aid to live since good jobs are scarce.

In addition thanks to the most recent speculative real estate bubble and the current ongoing asset bubble caused by near-zero interest rates, similar to the speculative land bubbles of the late Roman Republic, only low wage jobs are available to the average person.

Only low-wage jobs replace the lost mid-wage jobs.

And just like in the Roman Republic, mass immigration is causing rent to outpace wages.

People can only afford to rent, and rents are going up while wages stagnate.

So as you can see, the middle class is now in a tough bind. There are no jobs and prices are getting higher all thanks to ((((billionaires)))) bringing in cheap labor and speculating which is causing constant bubbles that are good for the obscenely wealthy but terrible for peons. Now a large part of the population is forced into collecting welfare by circumstance.The slave laborers of the late Roman Republic are almost exact analogs to the H1B workers and Hispanic immigrants of today. They are tools of ((((billionaires)))) used to impoverish the White middle class and to smash and replace whatever is left of the original Anglo culture in the US.

As you can see, mass immigration and outsourcing take their toll on middle-class Whites, but ((((billionaires)))) are fine.

Who then did the people turn to? They turned to two brothers, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, a pair of plebeians who would attempt to kick out the slave laborers and institute common-sense land reforms so that the original Italian inhabitants could get back to work, much like Trump's idea of bringing factories back to the US from China so the common people can have jobs and won't need to rely on low-wage McJobs or welfare. This cause goes hand-in-hand with physically removing illegals and H1B visa stooges who are depressing wages further.

Tiberius Gracchus quickly tried changing the status quo after being elected tribune of the plebs, and attempted to enforce a long-ignored Sextian-Licinian land regulation law that would prohibit land ownership beyond a certain extent. Unfortunately, both liberal and conservative senators became incensed because they personally stood to lose money from any reform. In response to this attempt to give the middle class back their historic lands by the Grachhi brothers, a mob of senators got together and beat Tiberius to death with clubs. This marked the first time violence had been used in Roman politics in centuries and it was invoked by the political elite in order to ensure a monopoly on land ownership and the replacement of common peasants with foreign slaves.

Ten years later Gaius Gracchus attempted a similar strategy, and he even got certain legislation passed, but tripped up when trying to extend citizenship rights to people in the areas directly surrounding the city of Rome. Again a mob was whipped into a frenzy, leading Gaius to commit suicide before suffering the same fate as his brother. Eventually all his legislation was overturned and the tune for Roman politics was set for the remainder of Rome's existence. The plebs had no viable representation anymore and they would just have to take it every time the landowners screwed them out of land, jobs, capital, etc. The Republic itself would only last 80 more years before it was replaced with Julius Caesar's dictatorship in 44 BC.

As a result of the Gracchi's failure to reform land ownership, the common people became destitute and demoralized. The Roman population stopped breeding and the entire Italian peninsula became depressed and depopulated.

By 18 BC Augustus Caesar was already increasing welfare spending and passing reproductive laws in a vain attempt to convince the Romans to have more children. By 200 AD there were already signs of urban decay and depopulation. Whole cities were eventually empty; this would include most of Rome itself. And by 350 AD Classical Greco-Roman pagan civilization was being replaced by a bizarre religion from Judea called "Christianity."

Assuming then that Trump's championing of the White working class is similar in meaning to the Gracchi's attempt at land reform, we can expect then that either Trump wins and the Republic is preserved for a time, or he loses, which is seeming more likely as time goes by, and the ((((billionaire)))) class reasserts its dominance until the US resembles a dictatorship more than a republic. This will mean not only the end of the White working class, but the end of western civilization in the same sense that the end of the Roman Republic meant the eventual downfall of Classical civilization.