Finding Our Own Perspective

All too often, rightists, nationalists, and traditionalists fall into the trap of simply taking the opposite view of the left. If the left supports socialism, the right must support capitalism. If leftists hate America, rightists must love America. If the left supports the Palestinians, the right must support Israel. If leftists hate Christianity, rightists must be Christians. If leftists have long hair and beards, rightists must have short hair and be clean-shaven.

This behavior also extends to views of political figures, where one often sees comments such as "[historical figure] was hated by leftists, therefore he must have done something right, and we should respect him." The thing is, leftists hate anyone who isn't a complete leftist. The left is incapable of nuanced thinking, nor do they believe in a hierarchy of moral turpitude. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Augusto Pinochet, Francisco Franco, George W. Bush, and Vladimir Putin, are all fascists, racists, and Nazis to the left. To leftists, there are no differences between these people aside from nationality. They were not part of the leftist moral in-group, therefore they are all seen as evil, with no qualities worthy of distinction.

This absolutist attitude of the left includes non-heads of state and political commentators. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Alex Jones are also racists, Nazis, and fascists. To the left, they are all David Duke, even though they all despise David Duke and wouldn't be caught saving him from a car wreck. Leftist nutcase—to be redundant—and fake Indian Ward Churchill referred to the World Trade Center victims as "little Eichmanns," hilariously insinuating that the internationalist cosmopolitan merchants working in those towers were Nazis spreading White supremacy across the planet as opposed to secular nihilism, MTV, and the rule of money.

When we behave as contrarians and take the opposite view of the left, we are letting the left decide what is rightist and leftist, and morally right and morally wrong, as opposed to developing our own ethos. This is dangerous because, while the phony right represented by the GOP and Tea Party may be hopelessly stupid, the political left is absolutely crazy. Knowing this, does the perspective of "the left hated him, therefore he must have done some good" have any merit? No. We must stop caring what the left thinks about anything and view the world from our perspective.

The left hates Bill O'Reilly because Bill O'Reilly identifies as a "conservative." We should hate Bill O'Reilly because he is a sell-out who opposes European racial identity, but somehow doesn't have a problem with the nuclear-armed, racially supremacist state of Israel. The left hated Nixon because he wasn't JFK and did not symbolize “progress” enough to them. We should hate Nixon because he oversaw disastrous domestic policies such as racial integration in the schools. The left dislikes Israel because they stupidly see it as a White nation that oppresses brown people. We should hate Israel because it represents a military threat to the West and is the operating base of our most vicious enemy.

When we see leftists burn American flags we might feel some initial disgust, but consider what that flag has come to stand for: Jewish supremacy, White genocide, anti-nationalism, anti-traditionalism, and state-enforced degeneracy. As the contemptible moron Joe Biden stated, it doesn’t matter what your culture is or what your beliefs, if you’re not leftist and don’t believe that gays should get married and raise families, America will be coming for you… unless you’re in Israel. So what if the left burns the American flag for the wrong reason? That flag does not stand for you, it stands for your oppression. Let leftists burn it. Leftists hate republicans and Tea Partiers. Let them. Republicans and Tea Partiers hate us as well, so we have no reason to defend them. What is falling must also be pushed, and if “conservative” America—the nation of professional Hitler-haters, rabid Israel-firsters, freedom fries, “Greatest Generation”-worshippers, and meaningless Christianity—is being annihilated from both the left and the right, let it. Don’t defend people who don't defend you.

Stop dancing to the left's tune. Stop letting them define what is "left' and "right." Democrats, communists, republicans, Tea Partiers, libertarians, antifa, etc. are all a part of the same racial, cultural, and civilization rot. Just as Xerxes had many different nationalities in his massive army at Thermopylae—Syrians, Egyptians, and all kinds of Asiatics—ZOG uses many different political groups in their incessant attacks on White nations. The right must be able to resist this coalition army and start generating its own ideas and to adhere to them unapologetically. When they start to react to us, as opposed to us reacting to them, that’s how we know we’ve started to win.