Donald Trump: A Very British View

I've said it before and I'll say it again: being a Brit can be a real strain, especially when I'm surrounded by people who are, for lack of a better term, normies. They swallow every lie the media dangles in front of them. Case in point: recently, some of my associates have taken issue with my openly supporting Donald Trump. So at the risk of further alienation, I'd like to address you.

I am a member of the Alternative Right—a reactionary (though quite often proactive) counterculture and political umbrella that covers a good deal of people with varying right-wing politics. At the risk of sounding like a complete fedora, if I had to give my brand of White nationalism a name I would probably call myself a European imperialist and a monarchist. I like the idea of monarchy as I genuinely believe that as rulers, royals take greater pride in their nations. So numerous are the tales of kings that led their armies into battle. Ever heard of a politician doing the same? Me neither. Their rule is temporary and in the main they only care for lining their own pockets. I also strongly support the idea of a pan-European alliance that is ultimately culturally separate with each nation having its own sovereign law so as to preserve the traditions and heritage of each nation.

Identity is what makes a nation what it is and I don't want to see any nation lose that identity, least of all my beloved homeland of England and though I largely believe for us it is far too late, mainland Europe can and must be saved.

It is quite obvious that Europe and its traditions are currently being subverted by a governing body (and its mercantile backers) that does not have the indigenous population's best interests in mind—be it Germany where refugee rape gangs are being completely ignored and their victims silenced so as not to "rock the boat", or Scandinavia where the Norwegian police have "lost Oslo" and Sweden has gone from a borderline utopia of low crime rates to "the rape capital of Europe" seemingly overnight, or my own British Isles, where our own government would rather openly betray and sacrifice our nation's children to Muslim paedophiles than be called a meaningless word like “racist”.

Multiculturalism is a cult, and its practitioners are engaged in an act of treachery and White genocide. You and I are its intended victims.

How does this not anger you? Do you not see how those in power are spitting in your faces on a daily basis?

The working-class White man, the traditional family, the decency and values that have held our society together for generations are being devalued, attacked and ultimately destroyed. In its place malaise, decadence and degeneracy are the new standard. The worship of empty celebrity over the true value of pride, self-determination and the family unit. This is all, without exception, due to the authoritarian Left pushing lies and propaganda, smearing and jailing anyone who dares speak out against it. We are bound and gagged by those who hate us.

This is why I support Trump. He is ruining things for those very people, the PC special snowflake brigade who want to tone-police and silence the men and women of our nations in fear. Trump has broken the mould of the politician; he is entirely self-funded, which means nobody controls him and he is answerable only to himself. By doing this alone Trump hasn't stuck to the elite's plan. He has stared the very social class he has been part of for so long dead in the eye and told them “enough”.

In their eyes, he has committed the ultimate betrayal and opted to bat for those they see as beneath them. Be it the lonely NEET jerking it to animé porn or the more wholesome 9-to-5 worker who comes home to his grateful wife and kids. This alone shows he is a man of moral fibre. He has stood before the bullets of the Left and will take every one for his people.

By his decision to attack poorly controlled immigration and stand for the preservation of the American people, Trump is singlehandedly freeing them from the shackles of political correctness. In response the elite have had their media outlets lie and twist every facet of Trump's campaign in an attempt to get you to resent him and by doing so you are swallowing every drop of their poison. One or two of you have even compared him to Hitler, which from a political perspective is just plain silly, and from a common sense perspective pure uneducated scaremongering. Those people have made zero effort to understand Trump's policies and have simply and stupidly regurgitated ugly soundbites.

If I may engage those people on a more personal and emotional level, there is nothing wrong with putting your own first. I would put my family before you and would expect you to do the same. This is literally no different. Only the scale is larger.

If Britain had a leader with even HALF the balls and savvy of Trump we would be a strong, powerful force in Europe instead of the limp-wristed cucks we've become. If Trump becomes President the Overton window swings full right and you can pretty much guarantee Europe will follow America's lead. No more tiptoeing on eggshells and self-flagellating niceties. Not to put too much pressure on America but in one move the West could regain its identity, its integrity and, dare I say it, its soul.

The strong thrive and we should be aiming for strength. I'd rather win than be popular, I'd rather be successful and well-off than nice and taken advantage of and I certainly would rather be feared and respected than ridiculed and disrespected, because that’s where Britain and most of Europe is now.

Yes, humanity is a virtue, but it's being brutally taken advantage of and I for one am sick to death of it. The world has changed and ethnic preservation is no longer a choice, but a duty. It is now a matter of survival and electing Trump might... just might save us all.