Self-Love isn't Hate: A Message to Closeted Uncucks

Homogeneous countries exist all over the world. Japan, among many, is a current model that's been around for thousands of years. Is Israel ever going to go into a multicultural mode? Of course they're not. Does Japan, in all its homogeneity, seek to racially purify the world? Do they wish to eradicate all other races? Does Israel wish the destruction of all...never mind. Within this thread I think nationalism has been too closely associated with racism. They are not part and parcel. Supporting one's own kind and creating a place for like-minded, culturally similar peoples doesn’t have to be built upon the degradation of others. Separating due to race is not racist. Of course different races have different strengths and weaknesses. Why must supremacy play into this? I think Asians are smarter on average than Whites. Does anyone think I believe that they're better than us?

Closer to the truth is that all countries desire to be mostly homogeneous—some diversity is always welcome—as it's the natural order of things. Outside of war for resources, wealth, power, and imperialism, the vast majority of people around the world seek out their own kind to live with as best they can. And where there are mixed races, White flight, brown flight, etc. occur. Will mostly homogeneous cultures be perfect? Of course not. Will problems arise? Of course they will, but it's a more predictable model for societies to be built on than the 60-year-old diversity concept that is currently weakening America. Yes, people have mixed throughout time, but it's interesting to note that, for example, a difference can be seen in the facial/body structures of Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese. With only a tooth or piece of hair one can discover the race of its owner. It's only now, within European societies, that a moral obligation has been affixed to the White man's psyche that asks of him to evolve himself to extinction, that he must commit cultural suicide by overwhelming a once-great society with the great unshaved masses who've seldom given anything notable to enrich or progress our world. America is on its way to becoming Brazil, a low-trust society full of corruption. Why? Because that's the mindset of of the people we’re replacing ourselves with. I was born into a nation of 83.5% Europeans. In 40 years it's now 62%. Unless one thinks a hundred years is a long time, to think Americas downfall is going to take a while means one isn't looking at the numbers; they don't lie. That is, if you believe changing a country's demographics changes the culture.

Can't the wellness of a race partially be measured by its commitment to survival? Is there anything more important? Europeans are giving their countries away to the rabble while not having enough children to sustain their own existence, and without a fight. Can there be anything more damning, more indicative of a civilization in decay, than that? Racism? Judging by their actions, Europe and America think so highly of other races, have so much faith in their abilities, that they’re willing to risk everything their ancestors have fought for, their culture, their bloodlines, their progeny, their land on one singular destructive lie: All men are created equal. Racism has nothing to do with any of this, interest on our slavery loan is irrelevant. The reason America is giving their country away is because they abhor their own kind and can't find anything to be proud of in regards to their history, their country, their future. We're a beaten people. Maybe that has something to do with being marginalized in our own country. Maybe it has to do with realizing we no longer have a country. Why?

Someone once said, "To learn who rules over you simply find out who you can't criticize.” I'm sure this is just my "fear and looking to blame someone else” talking but, if so, who can I blame if not the people in control of what our society thinks, our economy, our country, its geopolitics? I would implore anyone who would listen to not make irrecoverable decisions while we’re so weakened and worm-tongued by the Jews, by business and political elites. Friends, if it is your decision, are you solid enough with your own ideology to forever change the demographics of America?