Loyalty vs "Liberty"

It occurred to me that one of the reasons why (((anarchists and libertarians))) are so obsessed with liberty and avoiding aggression is that they have no loyalties to anything but ideology. When you don’t care about anything enough to fight for it, you want everyone else to feel the same way so you feel safer. They think that a world can come about where people are completely devoid of loyalties to anything but property rights and the NAP.

Those who hold higher ideals about concrete things in the real world and are willing to fight to protect them aren’t running around trying to convince everyone else to leave them alone. They are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in, to fight for what they see as valuable. Since libertarians and anarchists are essentially “free riders” on the liberty scene, they want everything handed to them. They feel that if they can convince all enemies to back down, they won’t have to earn their freedom.

Libertarians and anarchists don’t feel safe around people who are willing to use force to protect their values. This is because they have no loyalties, no allegiances, no roots, no history, no community. They are like a club of people who talk about stamp collecting or something. It is a very shallow bond that binds them together with others in their group. A great proof of this is in the fact that a bunch of anarchists will stand around and watch as one of their own gets arrested and taken away for some stupid infraction. They don’t jump in and defend their comrade based on what they claim to believe. Instead, they ask who the person was harming. They comfort themselves by telling stories about how the government is not a legitimate authority. But one thing they will never do is physically stand up against such tyranny. No, that would require risk and be dangerous.

For all the talk about self-defense, most ancaps are really pacifists at heart. They hope their enemies will have enough compassion not to kill them. They hope that one day the government will decide to stand down (as their brothers the Marxists believe). This suicidal thought process also manifests itself when race enters the discussion. They expect to be able to teach kebabs and dindus about the non-aggression principle and convince them to read Human Action. They have their own version of the noble savage ideal where everyone will live in this state of innocence and conflict will never escalate beyond a private court summons.

Their dream world is an atomized Wal-Mart version of reality. All the products (people) sit on the shelf neatly next to each other just waiting for a voluntary interaction to present itself. They expect that everyone else will exist like themselves, as rootless, deracinated particles just looking for peace.