Concerns About Trump

I recently watched "You've Been Trumped" & "A Dangerous Game".

Its interesting to note Trump's trademark rhetoric from his 2015/2016 GOP nomination being used in 2010-2014 ("We're going to build a golf course and its going to be great, the best in the world ever"). More worrying in both these documentaries Trump is shown as acting in a dishonest, aggressive manner, and quite frankly Jewish manner, not towards a non-indigenous population seeking gibsmedat, but towards a working local population who have lived on the land for many generations. In the documentary among other things he cuts off peoples water, gets people arrested for moving £12 worth of flags, knocks over power lines and builds huge sand banks around people’s houses destroying the view.

While watching this, I remembered Morrakiu's video on his thoughts on Trump. What if Trump is just a huge pressure valve to let off steam for the Right?

There is a desire for Trump to be a god-king, but if you compare him to a real god-king like the reincarnation of Thor on earth, I honestly don't believe that Hitler would have screwed people over in such a way during his days lost in the Weimar Republic.

At this point in American history, the only thing that can save it is a sincere and good leader. No amount of rustling jimmies and shifting the Overton window somewhat will save it, only honest, decisive leadership. My analysis is that Trump does not have the moral character to be a genuine or sincere leader. If he lacks that moral character, then there is a very strong chance that he is controlled opposition. I can't see how there would be a middle ground where he isn’t controlled opposition but at the same time isn't running as president for sincere reasons.

In the earlier Shoah episodes Mike Enoch said that we should not get too excited about Trump, but now it seems full steam ahead and everyone is on board. I am concerned that this is going to be bad in the long run. While we may make some short-term Overton window gains, in the long term this could be very damaging for the alt-right movement, much in the same way Ron Paul was damaging to the libertarian movement after his defeat in 2012.

It appears all that needs to be done to contain the Right is to gauge the general feeling at the time and run the appropriate containment candidate every 4 years. For example, we know Alex Jones is a false opposition shill to contain the Right, and it's interesting to observe his support of Ron Paul and now of Trump.

The main problem is that to go further into this topic we will have to stray into conspiratorial territory and we know that the alt-right does not believe in any outragous tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories (except one that happened pre-1945 involing 6 mil ;) ).