Happy New Year; SJWs Ruined Everything

It should be pretty obvious at this point that social justice has ruined Star Wars. But it ruins other forms of entertainment—books, video games, TV shows, you name it.

Stories that captivate our minds draw in some way on our common human experience. But that experience is fundamentally shaped by the two sexes, by ethnic clashes, by heroism, by savagery, by displays of skill and talent, by the triumph of virtue, and by the inevitable consequences of vice.

Social justice banishes all these things from the story. They are "triggering" and "otherizing." They "silence the voices of marginalized people groups." When sexual dimorphism can't express itself in film the way it does in reality, when we have to pretend that success has nothing to do with hard work, then we end up with Rey, who is

  1. an ace pilot who can outfly trained fighter pilots.
  2. And she knows more about the engineering details of the Millennium Falcon than Han Solo.
  3. And she is a crack shot even though she seems not to know where the safety on a handgun is.
  4. And she saves Exhench one more time, using her knowledge of the mechanisms of an unfamiliar ship.
  5. ...unlike Luke, she needs no training: she can do advanced mind-control techniques without a single lesson or even being told that such things are possible.
  6. Hence, she can escape from the innermost dungeon of a Sith Lord fortress unaided.
  7. And she can lightsaber fight without training against a man taller and stronger and trained in the art.

To drive the antireality of this home, try to imagine how a romance with Rey could possibly work. The butt-kicking, omnicompetent pixie doesn't work as a romantic interest because she's an autogynephilic PC nerd fantasy, not anything relatable to human experience. What kind of man would such a girl fall for, anyway? Not like there can be a man who impresses her in any way.

Yeah, skinny White girls outrun fighting-fit dindus all the time.

SJWs don't have to ruin stories through overt propaganda. They can leave out gay couples, sex changes, and long-winded speeches on income inequality and still ruin things. Simply by making virtually the entire run of human experience off limits to the story teller, they make it impossible to tell stories the audience can buy into or characters they can empathize with.

The only thing SJWs can produce is indigestible garbage, and we're going to get a double helping of it every Current Year from now into the forseeable future.

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