Radio Free Skyrim Ep. 10 - End of the Current Year

(Reupload. The first one had weird pauses. Turns out the whole file was damaged. So it had to be edited all over again from the raw recording.)

On this episode, the Nords find the answer to the age-old question: What happens if you come back to a podcast after a week's vacation without any show-prep?
Answer: You run out of things to talk about very fast and end up shitposting with no survivors. But at least it's short!

We'll be back in the next Current Year, Goys and Shiksas

Joining us:
MrAwesome and Natt from Denmark
Sigfader from Sweden
Paracletus from Finland

00:00 Intro
00:53 Sweden in the Current Year
10:48 Finland in the Current Year
15:28 The Welfare State
17:59 The Turner Diaries
21:14 Denmark in the Current Year
25:50 State-owned media in Skyrim
30:25 Investing in Dindus
32:34 Criminal names in Denmark
35:28 News from Sweden
40:45 Finnish military in worse state than before the Winter War
41:54 Finnish fertility is dropping
43:48 Christmas at Natt's house

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Hail Ulfric!