Christmas is Magic, Mmmkay?

Goys rejoice! The time is here. The time to enjoy the huhwhyte snow, receive and give awesome presents and be merry with your family. Eh, if you're into that sort of thing. Which you should.

Kike-on-a-stick thing getting to you? Forget it! Rampant consumerism makes you sick? Ignore it. Santa is Odin and consumerism is for plebes. Are you a plebe? Then it doesn't fucking matter. Make this time an enjoyable season. Take the good things and leave the bad. Christmas has produced a lot of genuinely enjoyable things.

Christmas can be the perfect time for the Alt-right to come together. It pleases Christians, it has clear pagan elements (the coolest ones actually) that even Christians admit to, the original commercial aspect was developed back when America wasn't completely under Jewish control, so it actually has some goy soul and sensibility behind it. Also, cold, ice and snow. Our elements as good ice monkeys that we are.

So yeah. Just sit back and enjoy this most European of seasons with some eggnog and very huhwhyte aesthetics and music. This is OUR holiday.

Goddamn, you can't get any Whiter than that.

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