Fash the Nation Week 19

Shitlord News (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - McFeels and Halberstram are joined by Daily Shoah Death Panelist Raiden this week for our last show of the Current Year. That's right TRSwaggots, no Fash the Nation on the 27th. We'll be back on January 3rd.

Less than a week after sparks flew between Donald Trump and hopeless low energy cuck Jeb Bush at the 5th Republican debate, Trump continues to advance his lead in every poll; in some cases pushing from the high 30s to the low 40s as Rubio, Benzo, and Bush trend downward toward single digits.

Onto what has otherwise been a sleepy Democratic race: DNC favoritism for Hillary Clinton spilled over on Friday as access to party voter data for the Sanders campaign was temporarily suspended. Sanders wasted no time apologizing to Clinton at Saturday’s debate, a move that will likely be looked back upon as the beginning of the end for his campaign.

Next we’ll discuss the $1.1 trillion dollar year-end omnibus bill and what it means for the 178 Republican members of the House and Senate who voted for it as nationalist populism begins to consume and neutralize an arm-flailing neocon establishment.

After the Europa Report, we’ll come back in the second hour to cover a variety of triggering issues, from Arabic calligraphy classes to an Albanian CEO who may be headed for the slammer for his very Jewish financial practices. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation.

00:00 Intro

12:00 Six Million Dog Whistles

20:00 The Dindu-Initiated "Whites Against Trump" Fail

22:00 Nationalist Populism Neutralizing Neoconservatism

27:30 Peggy Noonan Just Can't Help Herself

31:00 Omnibus: The Art of Being a Cuck

41:00 Bernie Sanders: I Apologize

50:00 The Europa Report

57:00 Zucked: FB Targets Anti-Immigrant "Hate-Speech"

1:00:00 #BoycottRacistSamsClub

1:06:00 Soros Coal Buy

1:08:00 Arabic Calligraphy is the New Cursive

1:20:00 Mendel Epstein IS "The Prodfather"

1:23:00 Baltimore is Doomed

1:34:00 (((Martin Shkreli)))

1:37:00 Most Valuable Goy Award

1:43:00 United Nations of Child Porn Degeneracy

1:45:00 California to Allow Illegals to Vote

1:50:00 Merry Christmas

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