Fash Britannia Episode 11: Christmas Interview with John Morgan

This week, Cathy and Welga are joined by John Morgan, the Editor-in-Chief of Arktos media. They discuss his journey to the Right, Tradition with a capital T, Christmas, religion, God-Emperor Trump and many other things.

00:42 John’s story
7:56 Traditionalism and paganism
24:19 Christmas traditions
32:05 Reviving paganism
38:35 British gov’t targeting Christianity
42:26 Islam
45:58 Front Nationale shoah’d
48:19 The Donald
53:10 Counter-signalling against the Donald
57:26 Degenerate of the week (too degenerate to talk about)

Outro Christmas carol

John's talk at TBG Conference

Spend your shekels here

NB: This is the last episode in the current year. We will be back in the upcoming current year. Wow, just wow.

Anti-Christian government policies

Sunday schools to be monitored for "British values"

Counter-signalling against Trump

500,000 SWPLs want to ban Trump from entering the UK

Front Nationale fall to traitors

Exit polls indicate a shoah

Degenerate of the week

Trigger warning of epic proportions