Fash the Nation Week 18

Shitlord News (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - It’s going to be another full week as we’re joined by Chris Cantwell of Radical Agenda to discuss the latest surge in the polls for Donald Trump, even as mein fuhrer made Muslims a target this week and later called out Schlomo on Morning Joe. Later we’ll move on to the Europa Report, followed by an in depth analysis on domestic issues, such as Jews being okay’ed to get into heaven by the Catholic Church and other triggering stories like a 46 year old tranny named Stefonknee who abandons his wife and 7 children to become a 6 year-old girl. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation.

00:00 Intro

2:00 Trump Poll Surge

5:00 Down-Ballot Races

7:00 Christie Too Fat for the White House

10:30 #BanKebab Analysis

28:00 British Government to Deport Orphaned White Girl

30:00 Trump Calls Out Schlomo on Morning Joe

44:00 Dindus Dismay When WH Disqualification Effort Fails

47:00 It's Gonna Happen! It's Happening!

54:00 Trump Gets Zucked

57:30 Europa Report

1:04:30 GOP Convention/Party Outlook

1:15:00 Hillary Too Big to Jail

1:20:00 Norway to Pay Refugees to Leave

1:22:00 Climate Pact Full of African Rent-Seeking

1:24:00 Don't Feed the Africans

1:34:00 Trending Transgressions: Stef-on-knee

1:39:00 Dindu Who Authors "How to Date White Women" Book Accused of Domestic Abuse

1:42:30 Catholic Church Affirms Jews Are Welcome in Heaven

1:49:00 Coyote Operations "Spoofs" CBP SUV, Gets Busted

1:52:30 Trump Breaks White Supreme-ist Internet

2:01:00 Outro: Morrakiu - "What Would Jeffrey Tucker Do?"

Jeb Deathbed Meme Credit: Tharru

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