The Tampa 2 Left

Anyone who watched football in the 90's and 00's knows about the Tampa 2 defense. For those who don't want to read this boring explanation, it was a fairly simple defensive scheme used by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts, and Chicago Bears to great effect to shut down opposing offenses.

It was a better time, a simpler time, a time when not every sitcom had to have a character who took it in the ass.

Of course, like any scheme, offenses eventually figured out its weaknesses and started exploiting them. The worst thing was that it was kind of all-or-nothing. It seemed like either a Tampa 2 defense held the offense to LOLNOPE yards, or the offense got a first down. This is in part because every player has to execute flawlessly, so there's little room for error. It dropped out of popularity almost as quickly as it rose.

Except on one team.

One team persisted with the Tampa 2 long, long after it was clear they didn't have the elite squad needed to run it.

It was not a fun year.

Game after game, Rod Marinelli would insist the defense "just needed to execute," and what everyone would scream at their TVs was STOP RUNNING THE TAMPA 2 IT IS THE CURRENT YEAR ALREADY.

The political left has a pretty simple playbook: Exploit white conservatives' bias toward individualism, our belief in meritocracy, and our desire for social respectability to shame us into shutting up and giving up whenever the left is making its latest assault.

Like the Tampa 2 defense, this strategy has totally shut down the opposition for about 50 years running. But, like the Tampa 2, it has an effective counter. It turns out that the left's strategy rapidly breaks down when its moral authority is dismissed and hatefacts are spoken.

Just ignore them, and our team makes huge gains.

Or yuuuuuuge gains.

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