Right-Wing Plate Tectonics

One of the fundamental principles of geology is uniformitarianism. This concept was advanced by Charles Lyell, who was a close friend to and influence on Charles Darwin. Simply stated, uniformitarianism is the understanding that features of the physical world we observe are the result of historical processes that are ongoing and observable today. As such, a geologist who observes a flood depositing sediments in a certain pattern can assume that those same patterns in the geologic record were the result of such a flood.

In this way, geology is a very inductive science. There's no reliable way to simulate most earth processes in a lab, and there are so many variables at play that creating models based on theoretical principles is an extremely complex process. What is available is a large dataset in the form of the geologic record, and the same goes for culture and history. We can't really form human societies in a lab to test out hypotheses on culture, race, etc. All we have to rely on is our own observation and the historical record as our dataset.

Here's where we need to ruthlessly apply a sort of cultural uniformitarianism. We can observe high criminality and low functionality in certain groups over the entire course of our historical interaction with them, no matter what magic dirt they inhabit or what presidential administration it is. Lacking any other information (genetic, cognitive, or otherwise) we can still conclude that there must be something intrinsic to that group that causes such similar outcomes over such broad temporal and spatial domains. Therefore, when making decisions on how to organize our society, we might want to take those conclusions into consideration when thinking about things like immigration, law enforcement, borders, wealth distribution, education, etc. Right?

Not so fast, shitlord! There's exceptions to every rule, and how can we paint with such a broad brush when it wouldn't be inclusive and remember that kid who invented the clock? Here's where the deductive reasoning of the Narrative throws sand in the eyes of the inductive reasoning most of us do intuitively. If the foundational principle of the Left is equality, no amount of observational data can override that premise. Different outcomes for different groups must have some extrinsic explanation, and besides, how can we put so much of our civilizational stock into something as unreliable and unverifiable as inductive reasoning?

Turns out, we can and do just that every day. Without fossil fuels, the global economy would grind to a halt. It costs millions of dollars to drill an oil well into deep layers of rock far offshore. Yet per the inductive nature of geology, there's no way to prove 100% that the drill stem will strike oil every time. They have to make their best guess based on what is observed. Yes there are occasional dry wells, but somehow that fuzzy science has been accurate enough to bestow a bounty of energy that allows us to fap to hentai and shitpost on TRS. Imagine what we could accomplish by applying the same principles to running our society.

A paradigm shift for geology was the theory of plate tectonics. This prinicple is so fundamental that nearly every geologic phenomenon can be explained within this context. What's interesting is that this theory was developed somewhat recently by relative outsiders, scientists from South Africa, Germany, and other places outside of the Anglo-centric academic establishment, who were still trying to explain earth processes according to a grab bag of concepts that simply didn't hang together.

With respect to culture, race, and civilization, the foundational principles of the Narrative/Cathedral/System is in this fragmented state disarray, and we on the alt right are the outsiders. Our version of plate tectonics has yet to break through to the mainstream, and I'm not sure we know yet what it will be. HBD is promising, but I don't know that we'll ever make major headway with haplogroup charts and IQ statistics. It's taken a while for the autistic part of my brain to come around to this, but we might need to think of our first principles in more spiritual or existential terms. The NRX concept of Gnon might be useful here, in that it seems to be simply a summation of "reality." All of the genetics, environmental factors, and cultural inertia that constitute the uniformitarian processes that make groups succeed or fail might be consolidated under Gnon, God , Odin, or anything number of things in such a way that we wouldn't all need to memorize FBI crime statistic tables or have a biochemist's understanding of chromosomal development.

Point being, we know we're right because reality is on our side. Unlike the Left and phony Right, we're not afraid stare reality in the face and organize ourselves accordingly. When it comes to extrapolating sociological conclusions from the historical track record of various peoples, it's admittedly easy have some confirmation bias. However, it's harder to waive off the conclusions of our inductive reasoning when our people have such a track record of striking civilizational oil - so let's keep drilling.