Goodbye EU, Hello Evropa

As Euroskepticism rises and pushes the malignant echoing tumor of the EU closer to its impending death, I feel it important to categorically state that while this is a good thing over all, the idea of a united Europe should not die with it and for good reason.

What the EU did wrong (other than nearly bankrupting every one of its member countries and flooding them with an uncontrollable level of non-EU migrants) was attempt unity through a forced dissolution of culture, attempting to remove the traditions and folklore that make each country unique and replace them with a borderless modernity, effectively rendering Europe a singular nation and reducing each country to nothing more than a member state.

This could never work, simply because of the history that predates it and the animosity it generates. Couple that with the aformentioned migrant hordes and, as the EU have found to their dismay, you've got a revolt on your hands. Not that we can criticize them of course...

"But Grey, you unbelievably handsome English gentleman," I hear you ponder, "if our respective cultures just aren't compatible, how else is unity possible?"

Well, France, you'd be right in your assessment that it's a tricky business trying to combine uniqueness and unity, and whilst I feel it would take a much smarter man than I to work out the kinks, I can offer this.

We have a common enemy, in fact we have two.

The first is obvious, the Jews. Jews fear the awakening of Europe as it would cost them a lot of power. Don't believe me? If you look at and dig into every piece of EU legislation that has negatively effected your country, somewhere along the line you will find Jewish self-interest, and almost every current crisis has a Jew or Jewish organisation behind it. Financial problems in Greece? Migrant crisis in Hungary? Who could be behind this?

Which helps me comfortably segue into enemy number two: Islam. Now I could go into an endless spiel on why Islam is dangerous, but I've already written a very detailed article on the damage it has done to my country which covers the bulk of it. So I'll simply summarise.

Islam is a religion of expansion and conquest. They are indoctrinated to lie and spread their religion above all else. They see you, a non-Muslim, as non-human, and if push came to shove would turn on and kill you without hesitation. There is no sugar-coating it. As the flood of Muslim migrants increases, so does the risk of them enacting holy war upon us. Their numbers swell by the day and soon I fear we shall be overwhelmed.

This is why we as Europeans need self-affirmed unity. I can only speak for my own, but I fear that Britain on its own, when push comes to shove, does not have the will or the strength for a race war and I'm sure many other European countries are in the same boat. I'm looking at you, Sweden.

Some of us are sons of Rome, others descendants of Nordic warriors, Gothic tribesmen or Gallic heroes. Some of you are even Welsh; we don't judge here. We are a continent forged by conquest and civilisation, by soldiers and settlers. We are Europe and soon we may have to fight for the land our ancestors forged. On that day, we fight together or we perish together.