Fash Britannia Episode 10: You ain't no fascist, bruv

This time on the Privy Council Cathy and Welga are joined by Pleb and Ollie to talk about the results of the Oldham by-election, the shame of the EU "renegotiation", the Leytonstone happening and many other things.

00:47 Oldham by-election results & electoral fraud
14:00 EU renegotiation update
24:29 #YouAintNoMuslimBruv
35:12 Tommy Robinson’s PEGIDA UK
40:30 Feminism in bed with Islamism, normies still confused
51:48 Degenerate of the Week

Outro found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAx3FnVAOWA

Oldham follow up

The result

Postal vote fraud

EU "Renegotiation"

No early referendum

David Cameron running Brexit campaign?

Marine Le Pen's nice words

London throat-slashing

The Happening


Tommy Robinson's crusade

Feminists: anti-White

Cucking for Muslims at a university

UK Sharia "courts" trapping women

Degenerate of the Week

3-year-old boy now a "girl"