Radio Free Skyrim Ep. 7 - Islam is Sodomy

Joining us:
Sigfader from Sweden
Pete from Norway
MrAwesome and Natt from Denmark

00:00 Intro
00:56 Another followup to the rape
06:34 NAXALT, it's individuals who rape
09:36 Islam is Sodomy - The Metaphysics of Perversion
16:49 5 things that Islam actually stands for - according to the left
20:14 Muslim abortion
22:30 The Migrant Crisis - Welfare Queens of the East
34:00 Another rape in Sweden and the mentality of the left
41:50 Christmas signaling and christianity
46:00 Moderates and radicals
49:00 ALERTA! Danish happening! LIVE!
51:17 Nations, Folk and the decline
1:16:36 Danish happening update
1:18:14 Black metal autism
1:28:08 Outro

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Hail Ulfric!