Fash Britannia Episode 9: Bomb Kebab

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This week the Privy Council (Cathy, Welga, Ollie and new guest Sardo) discuss the upcoming vote on bombing Syria, UK Labour Party's gaffes, the Oldham by-election and update you on the Great Invasion.

00:50 - Vote to bomb Syria
15:24 - Labour’s epic fails
33:52 - Oldham by-election
37:31 - Slav v Kebab
45:01 - Net migration figures
51:42 - Updates from the Great Invasion
1:07:49 - National Action meeting

Bombing Syria

The vote

The protest

Labour's gaffes

John MaoDonnell quoting from the Little Red Book

The Big Gorilla Diane Abbott shilling

Red Ken Livingstone blaming the victim

Vegan farming minister concerned about wymyn in fishing

Oldham by-election

Could Our Nige win it?

Updates from the Great Invasion

Net migration of muds and gyppos into Britain up

Macedonia building kebab wall

Lorry driver getting stake through window

Hungarian lorry driver removing kebab wherever he goes

Germans culturally enriched by niggers shitting everywhere