Fash the Nation Week 16

Shitlord News (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - This week on Fash the Nation, we’ll look at chimpouts across the Midwest and how the Black Lives Matter narrative has been once again been commandeered, much to the dismay of shitlords everywhere. Then on to the GOP race, where the only hope a toxic party establishment in disarray has of beating Trump is to make him their favored goy. We’ll also touch on the shine coming off global warming alarmism as the climate summit approaches in Paris. It’s all ahead on Fash the Nation.

00:00 Intro

1:30 Thanksgiving Narrative Convergence

14:30 #RetardedLivesMatter

20:00 GOP in Disarray

31:00 Turkey Losing Shabbos Goy Status

35:00 Carbon Imperialism of the Supreme Dindu

42:00 Egalitarian Terrorism

45:00 DC Enrichment: Georgetown Flashmob

50:30 Europa Report

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