Radio Free Skyrim Ep. 6 - Why We Hate Each Other

Radio Free Skyrim triumphantly returns to the main page with the great history-episode we promised last week.
Listen to us trying to out-signal each other on national chauvinism.

Joining us:
MrAwesome and Natt from Denmark
Sigfader from Sweden
Paracletus from Finland
Pete from Norway

00:00 Intro
02:28 Rape in Sweden (follow-up)
08:13 The Truth About Tolkien
12:52 How Denmark made England great
16:33 Denmark vs Sweden
20:57 Ancient roots of the Scandinavian peoples
25:38 Vikings
33:52 Ancient Finland
35:38 Sweden brags about stealing Skåne
37:14 Norway was created as a shit test
39:44 Kalmar Union
51:40 Recent Finnish History (Civil War, fascists, and the Winter War)
1:08:30 1864 never forget
1:13:52 The Napoleonic Wars and The Thirty Years' War

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