The Paris Terrorist Attacks and the Future of Europe

Over 153 people died at the hands of terrorists in multiple attacks across Paris last night. The assailants were heard yelling “Allahu Akbar” by witnesses, thus confirming that Islam was a motivating factor behind the attacks. These attacks are gruesome, and they are also incredibly important. They are important because they are a warning of what is to come if Europe continues down the path of allowing millions of Muslims across its borders.

The Islamization of Europe will only bring more violence against non-Muslim Europeans. This will happen via three mechanisms. First, Muslims are more criminal than non-Muslims. This has been thoroughly documented across Europe. Government documents and private reports show that Muslims commit crime at higher rates than natives in England, France, Denmark, Belgium (Roth 2014 page 408), Norway, the Netherlands (Roth 2014 page 408), Australia, and Canada. Most strikingly, though they take up less than 8% of the French population, nearly 70% of the French prison population is Muslim. Though the data isn’t easily accessed, there is no reason to think that the picture is any different in Germany, the United States, or any other country that is taking in large numbers of Muslim immigrants.

Crime is not the only way that Islam will bring more violence to Europe. The fact of the matter is that European civilization is not compatible with Islamic civilization. Consider free speech: 62% of Muslims in Britain say that speech which is offensive to Islam should be criminally punished. Roughly half of Muslims in America say the same thing. Consider also a survey carried out by a German think tank which found that the clear majority of Muslims in Europe say that Sharia law is more important than the laws of the European countries they live under. A majority of Muslims in Canada support the intuition of Sharia law as well. And roughly half of Turks in Germany say that they want Germany to have more Muslims than Christians someday. In short, Muslims in Europe want Europe to become ruled by Muslim law and Muslim culture.

Given this, it makes sense to ask what Muslim countries are like for non-Muslims. The short answer is: not very good. Arab countries score very low on indices of human rights. And many Muslim populations hold the kinds of views that Europeans discarded a long time ago. For instance, majorities in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and Nigeria support stoning adulterers and killing those who leave Islam!

Granted, most Muslims in the West don’t admit to pollsters that they hold these views, but we’ve already seen that they are fine with using the violence of the state to kill free speech. Moreover, Muslims in the West are becoming more radical, not less. Researchers in England have shown that young Muslims are more likely than old Muslims to embrace extremist versions of Islam. Other work done in Germany, Norway, and Denmark has shown that young or 2nd-generation Muslims are more likely to commit crime than older and foreign-born ones. Thus, the data supports the obvious conclusion that Islamic immigration is going to make Europe look ever more like an Islamic country. And that will mean more violence and less freedom in Europe.

The third mechanism by which Islam will increase violence in Europe is through terrorism like what we are seeing in Paris. Due to ancient religious divisions and theological disputes, Muslims hate a lot of people, including other Muslims. And Muslims seem especially keen on engaging in terrorism because of such disputes. That is why, as shown by the Global Terrorism Index, Muslim countries have the highest rates of terrorism on earth. Of course, Muslims also commit more than their fair share of terrorism in non-Islamic countries. For instance, according to FBI statistics, between 1980 and 2005 Muslims accounted for 6% of all acts of terrorism committed in the U.S. For most of this period Muslims made up less than half of one percent of the general population, suggesting that Muslims were roughly 12 times as likely to be engaged in terrorism as non Muslims.

Finally, I think it is important to note that this radical change to the character of Europe is being done without the consent of Europeans. Multiple international polling organizations have shown that Europeans in almost every major country are more likely to think that that immigration levels should be decreased than to think that they should be maintained or increased. As it stands, the political class doesn’t care what Europeans want. For goodness' sake, in Germany there are villages which are being sent Muslim refugee populations that are more than 6 times larger than their own native population!

Europeans need to make it clear that they won’t stand for this any longer, and they need to force European governments to work in the interest of Europeans rather than Muslims who want nothing to do with the European way of life. The Muslims need to return to their own countries and Europe needs to seal its borders. If it does not, we can only expect nights like last night to become ever more common.