Saturday Night L'Chaim Ep 5: Gentlemen, it has been a white privilege playing with you tonight.

The Final L'Chaim ever with Bradshaw, Hugh Jazz, Brandon and Alex Andres.
4:36 Standard Republican Party
11:16 Negro ABCs
23:09 Timmy the Office Faggot - Athena
25:30 A Frog Named Pepe
30:38 Flat Earth Society - Toilet Law
39:32 Alternative Right - Ghoul
51:37 huWhite Nation - Uncuck the Right
1:00:00 Postcards with Toilet Law

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It was a lot of fun making the show for you, hopefully you enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. To contact me about the TRS video game contact me via email or on twitter @jewdixinmybutt

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