John Boehner: He Should Have Been One of Us

John Boehner resigned on October 29, ending a 12-term career in Congress and nearly five-year reign as Speaker of the House of Representatives, during which he led historic House GOP majorities to historically low approval ratings. True to form, he cried during his farewell speech, no doubt shedding tears of joy as visions of million-dollar paychecks and smoke rings on the golf course danced through his head. But it is White Americans who should weep at what could have been, and should have been, from a man of humble Middle American origins who rose to claim the heights of back-slapping, back-room-dealing cuckservatism.

Boehner had the Horatio Alger thing down pat, which no doubt fueled his political longevity. He was born in the relative bliss of postwar America in 1949, the second of 12 children raised by Catholic, working-class German and Irish parents in southwestern Ohio, where he retains residence to this day. He worked at the family bar, a largely irrelevant detail which our media hyenas have always hyped, knowing Americans would be suckers for the imagery of an Oliver-Twist-like Boehner cleaning floors. After college at Xavier and a successful business gig, he proved his Midwestern charm by rapidly rising from homeowners association to board of trustees to Ohio General Assembly, finally reaching Congress after ousting a scandal-laden incumbent in a GOP primary in a lily-white conservative district. To date, Boehner’s Congressional district is nearly 90 percent White, which of course afforded him the job stability to take that luxury for granted.

On paper and at first glance then, Boehner should be our kind of guy. Humble roots, working-class upbringing, non-elite education…real bootstrap-lifting stuff. His is the background that forges the best kind of American populists. Boehner even looks the part of world-weary politician, just doing his duty to prevent the Democrat hordes from completely fucking everything up. He also has the mien of the affable uncle who would let you bum a smoke outside a family party while sharing some story that made his youth seem way more exciting than your own miserable mediocrity. I’ve wanted to like John Boehner from the day he seized the gavel from the shrill shrew Pelosi. But scratch beneath the bronzed surface and we tragically find the same pathologies that plague the polity: power without principle, a sentimental affinity for hostile foreigners, and an utter disregard for what made his success possible, that is, White America.

A cuckservative will tell you that Boehner valiantly held the line against the Democratic agenda, doing the best he could with a divided GOP caucus and a socialist in the White House. Yet Boehner unilaterally disarmed the House by refusing to wield its Constitutionally-granted power of the purse. Republicans still congratulate themselves for passing incessant symbolic repeals of Obamacare, but Boehner’s surrender amidst the 2013 government shutdown (which disrupted little outside Sodom-on-the-Potomac), handed Obama a massive victory and ensured GOP self-flagellation and navel-gazing for months. Boehner also shepherded not one, not two, but three debt ceiling increases through Congress, further indebting our already bankrupt nation. Yet it was his craven funding of DHS in response to Obama’s flagrantly tyrannical amnesty which revealed his ultimate lack of principle, and unwillingness to wield his power to protect our people and our posterity.

Boehner’s weepy-eyed and sentimental Catholicism may have also inspired him to invite two enemies of America to address Congress just this year: Every Republican’s best friend, Bibi Netanyahu, as well as Marxist Pope Frank. Far too many cucked Christians like Boehner see the tiny country that takes our aid, spies on us, and has never fought in war with us as America’s greatest ally. Red-blooded Americans with a shred of republican self-respect felt their skin crawling as the Israeli Prime Minister was feted by our representatives like MacArthur giving his farewell address to Congress. It was also poetic that a putative conservative like Boehner would welcome a radical leftist Pope into the people’s chamber, witness him lecture Congress about the plight of refugees (haven’t we done enough by now?) and the imminent calamities of climate change (isn’t that what prayer is for?), and then consider the speech a career-crowning achievement.

We should however give Boehner credit where it is due: he could have brought Marco Rubio’s treasonous 2013 amnesty and immigration surge bill to the House floor, where it almost certainly would have passed and driven a stake into whatever is left of traditional America. Boehner made several public statements indicating that he intended to heed his paymasters and get the ghastly thing through, insanely interpreting Obama’s re-election as a sign America needed more voting mestizos. But he would have faced an outright GOP revolt and lost his Speakership if he had done so, especially after Dave Brat’s miraculous defenestration of Eric (((Cantor))) in the Richmond, Virginia suburbs in the summer of 2014. Ironically, it was Boehner’s Baby Boomer narcissism and opportunism that saved us from this immigration catastrophe. Tragically, his also Irish and German Catholic Midwestern successor Paul Ryan is even more hellbent on dispossessing the remnants of the historic American nation through mass immigration.
Boehner is a metaphor for the slow-motion disaster of modern America that is rapidly accelerating. Born and raised in one of the most prosperous periods of American history, he rose to become third-in-line to the Presidency, with a chance to restore at least some semblance of sovereignty and solvency to the country. He benefitted from the trusting, easygoing nature of White Americans in southwestern Ohio, yet ultimately squandered his achievement by enabling Obama, alienating Middle America, and revealing an utter disregard for preserving America’s White identity before it is permanently marginalized. For this Boehner will be known as a significant figure in the late stages of the downfall of the American republic.

Robert Finstock was red-pilled in 2007 while facing an MS-13 neck tattoo in his suburban grocery store just as both parties pushed to reward illegal aliens.