Fash Britannia Episode 6: For Queen and Country

Tonight, the Privy Council (Cathy Princess, Welga Sigor, Oswald Powell, Thulean Pleb, F39, and Ed) remember the dead, celebrate Rhodesia's unilateral declaration of independence, and present a list of triggers longer than a feminist's armpit hair.

00:45 Remembrance, WW2, Churchill, Scottish footie
27:05 UKIP interlude
39:10 NUS interlude
41:20 Happy Rhodesia UDI day!
47:10 Rhodesian National Anthem
48:40 Anonymoose chimpout
1:02:30 Rapeugee news
1:50:42 British Renaissance

London Chimpout

Dumbest plan by anonymoose ever

The Rapeugee Crisis

Half a gorillion muds allowed to stay in UK through incompetence

German teachers' union throws down a red-pill

You ain't seen nothin' yet

Those limits on Syrian invaders in Germany? Nah...

Riots in Cyprus airbase

Rapiest rape this week

A piece of OK-ish news

Intro song, Rhodesian National anthem and outro all found on Jewtube (SHUT IT DOWN!!!)