Salon's Pedo-Problem

Lately the Kike Propaganda Service progressive magazine has engaged in a rather alarming display of sympathy for kiddie-touchers inbetween shitposting articles about how brave Satanists are and desperately fapping to Paul Krugman. Boldly trail-blazing new frontiers in the normalization of degeneracy, Salon has decided the next identity politics beachhead will be landed on the shores of pedophilia. I know this comes as a great shock to those of you who were betting on some disgusting polyamorist version of polygamy and group-love being championed against the forces of Evil Traditionalism, but clearly this wasn't controversial enough for hook-nosed cultural subversives.

Jewish intellectuals are industry leaders in mining for precious new victimhood classes, and who could be more oppressed and victimized than the second most (Nazis are far worse, goyim) reviled segment of society? The quest for the ultimate pedo-prototype lead Salon to none other than Todd Nickerson, a freakshow literally born without his right hand and molested by his presumably Nazi uncle.

/content/images/2015/11/Todd.jpg "On top of it all, I still struggled with bladder control."

No, I'm not making this up.

Nickerson achieved some degree of notoriety by publicly recounting tales of his horror-show childhood and seeking just a little compassion for his monstrous existence. Predictably, those not riding ribbed progtard dildos immediately balked that such a twisted perversion of humanity could be allowed to live, let alone call for the normalization and acceptance of people who fantasize about fucking little girls. Some folks objected to the idea that Schlomo-Central Salon was "normalizing pedophilia".

These people, of course, are Nazis.

Seriously, that was how poor oppressed Ephialtes responded. As I implied earlier, a long dead political faction from SEVENTY YEARS AGO haunts the modern psyche more than kiddie-diddlers. In this, the current year, objecting to pedophilia makes you a Nazi. Apparently, moral condemnation of literally anything = National Socialist German Workers' Party.

After the Nickerson controversy finally died down, Salon stirred the embers again with a cat-lady sex researcher projecting her giney-tingles onto an attractive young sexual predator. Reading like a combination of "Shades of Grey" and your standard XOJane shitpost, Debra Soh's wet panties tried to apologize for this poor, misunderstood child-molester with "All-American looks" lamenting he had been incarcerated for the victimless crime of attempting to solicit sex from what he thought was a 10-year-old girl. Debra goes on to point out that there are differences in the white matter of pedophile's brains, which is so totally not the same appeal to nature that's historically been used to justify homosexuality and transsexuality.

Salon's Official Press-Van

Now I hate to put the brakes on the Pedophile Train before it crashes down the slippery slope that all those conservative bigots warned us about, but when you're literally sympathizing with a child predator who was attempting to fuck a 10-year-old girl, maybe it's time to rethink your premises, no matter how hard your vagina is tingling. The guy doesn't have a victim because he got fucking caught before he could molest anyone.

Despite Salon's crafting a foundation for pedo-support that goes back several years, considering that the latest "victim class" literally VICTIMIZES people, this might be a hard sell, even for the sneakiest Shylock. Pedophilia just triggers too many automatic protective impulses since it targets the most vulnerable members of society and defending children is a pretty powerful instinct (just ask anyone who's debated gun control). Trying to appeal to empathy for someone who fantasizes about fucking children is, well, like to trying recast a certain other universally despised social group in a different light. I highly doubt the Jewish Left would look so fondly on a "non-offending Nazi" who faps to porn of ovening Juden and lynching Dindus and only wants a little public sympathy.

Congratulations, Salon; you're a Poe's Law parody of yourself.