The Cucking of Canada

As many of you may know, on October 19th, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was voted out of office, and the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau was elected to a majority government. Harper had been the Prime Minister since 2006, with a minority government until 2011 and a majority government since then.

While Harper and the Conservative Party are not as cucked as David Cameron’s Conservatives in the UK, there are still a lot of cuckservatives in the party ranks. Harper shilled for Israel on a regular basis, leading Bibi to call him “a friend.” Upon losing the election, many Jewish groups were very sad that Harper lost and were worried that the Liberals under Trudeau would not continue the Jew dicksucking. That is unlikely, however, because Trudeau is still a pretty good goy, despite also being a massive Islamist shill who prayed at a mosque in Montreal that US Intelligence said was an al-Qaeda recruitment spot. In addition, although Jews in Toronto did vote for Harper, in Montreal they did not. Muslims, however, almost all voted Liberal, instead of NDP, which is the other stupid socialist party in Canada. Think of the NDP more like Bernie-Sanders-tier socialists, and the Liberals more like Hilary Clinton.



Usually you see one of these pictures, not both

Since 2006, the Conservative Party has gone out of its way to shill for minorities, with Jason “Curry in A Hurry” Kenney leading the effort. While Kenney has made it harder to immigrate to Canada, immigration levels have remained very high for the Conservative Party, at around 260,000 people a year. I have heard them say “well, the liberals took their votes for granted; we moved in and talked to them and took their votes!” This is somewhat true, but does not show the whole picture. After all, it was the Liberals under Pierre Trudeau who opened the floodgates to non-Europeans in the first place. In 2006 and 2008, immigrants still voted mostly for the Liberal party. It was only when Harper won a majority in 2011 and the Liberal Party was reduced to its worst showing in history (34 seats out of 308), and the NDP under Jack Layton surged to Official Opposition status, that immigrants actually voted mostly Conservative.

Considering the 2015 results, in which the NDP was shot back to a meme party, and the vast majority of ridings that have mostly immigrants voted Liberal , it is clear that the cuckservatives' plan has failed. And while it is true from that image that Richmond Centre, a riding in Vancouver that has over 50% East Asians, did vote for the Conservatives, most of the other ridings with kebabs and Indians did not vote for the CPC. In addition, Richmond Centre has one of the highest median incomes in Canada, over $72,000 per family. One other trend which is important to note is that Catholics always have voted Liberal in Canada, whereas Protestants have actually voted Conservative.

And why is this, you ask? Well, during the election debates, Harper was touting his legislation to take citizenship away from convicted terrorists with dual citizenship. Now this is really not controversial at all, but cucks thought that he was trying to make everyone with dual citizenship second-class citizens or something. I guess this would apply to Jews because they all also have Israeli passports—oy vey. The same thing goes for Harper trying to overturn a court decision in which the courts deemed it okay for kebabs to wear a niqab during their citizenship ceremony in which they swear loyalty to the country. Cucks and retards called this “divisive politics” but in reality it was common fucking sense. In addition, Harper pledged he was going to only take 10,000 refugees (originally less than 5,000), unlike Trudeau, who pledged to take 25,000 before Christmas. Everyone has called Harper a racist fascist, and I have seen people compare him to Hitler. LOL. What a joke. I mean during one of the debates he said the term “old-stock Canadians” which almost everyone thought he meant White people. Later he clarified that he meant anyone who has been born in Canada is technically old stock, which was a cuck step back. Like, I get that Canada is really not a conservative country, but this is Sweden-tier shit. A British think tank also recently came out with a study saying that Canada has the most personal freedom in the world, and that we are "the most tolerant of immigrants globally, with 92 per cent of Canadians believing the country is a good place for immigrants, 92 per cent of people think the country is a good place for ethnic minorities and that 94 per cent of Canadians believe they have the freedom to choose the course of their life." Despite all of this occurring under Harper’s rule, it didn’t stop people from calling him Hitler.

Anyways, the guy that we elected, Justin Trudeau, is essentially DUDE, WEED the candidate. He is totally unqualified to be Prime Minister. He was a drama teacher, and the only reason people know who he is is because of his last name. He wants to legalize weed, put in a gender-equal cabinet, and make it easier for immigrants to bring their families in. Great. When asked why he should have a gender-equal cabinet, he literally replied, “It’s 2015!” I guess Trudeau is John Oliver now. Oh, and he put a Sikh in charge of the military, which I guess is at least okay. He also wants to run three “mild” deficits, but if you know anything about what his father did to the country’s finances, you will know that these deficits will not be “mild” at all. Also, he will probably fuck over the military just like his three Liberal predecessors did; but then again, no party in Canada actually gives a shit about the armed forces. Oh, and don’t be surprised if Trudeau enacts retarded gun control legislation just to piss off White hunters who he knows will never vote for him anyways. Lastly, he will waste money on a retarded inquiry into “missing and murdered Aboriginal women” which everyone with a brain knows is simply caused by Aboriginal men being drunk on Listerine 90% of the time and beating their spouses to death. I guess this is expounded by the fact that he put a native in charge of the justice ministry.

Also, one should remember that the Conservative Party was formed as a merger between the Western-based Republican-like Reform party, and the more Eastern Red Tory (which is basically a social liberal but fiscal conservative) PC Party back in 2003. This meant that the Conservative Party has always had this sort of split in the ranks that was ignored by Harper because he tolerated little to no dissent. Now that Harper is out of the picture, this infighting could come back.

Lastly, this election solidifies the massive regional differences in Canada. Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of B.C. all voted Conservative, along with rural Ontario and Quebec. However, all the cancerous Eastern urbanite centres of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver all voted Liberal or NDP. In addition, the Maritimes essentially voted Liberal because the Conservatives cut Employment Insurance (EI) which is basically welfare. I have seen five or six Alberta/Western Separatist Facebook groups pop up with thousands of members since Trudeau’s victory. In the 1980s, a Western Separatist party even won a seat in the Alberta Legislature. Maybe this will come back, and God, I hope it does, because as an Albertan, I am sick of sending our oil money to Eastern liberal faggots.

At any rate, Canada is in for a rough four years. Hopefully the Conservative Party gets some sense into their heads and elects a leader who wants to decrease immigration like the SVP in Switzerland or Law and Justice in Poland. Or maybe they will just continue being cucked.