Anti-Intellectualism Is Good Because Intellectuals Are Fags

This is an old article, but with the West's intellectual class throwing its weight behind the Islamization of Europe and the acceptance of pedophilia everywhere, it seems somehow timely.

As academia becomes increasingly pozzed, hoi polloi are losing the reverential awe they had for academics. This causes said academics no small amount of consternation, especially those whose "field" of "research" consists mainly of inventing new ways to destroy civilization.
I am become death, destroyer of rectums

It's not just Buttdick Studies departments, of course. Even the sciences have been losing respect, thanks to the reinvention of the scientific method to mean "wild guessing combined with fraud" in the service of social justice.

What academia doesn't understand is that a PhD, tenure, and a CV full of publications are all a kind of currency whose value is grounded in the social capital of trust, and that trust is never owed, only earned. Nor do they understand that trust, once lost, is almost impossible to restore.

Western academia has exploited the trust it built up over centuries in order to populate our towns with rapists, generate apocalyptic panic in order to steal our wealth, and turn sodomy into a sacrament.

We're anti-intellectuals because the intellectuals have betrayed us. They deserve nothing but to be cast down from their thrones.

P.S. I'm guessing "ethnic studies" doesn't appear at the top left of this graph:

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