Fash Britannia Episode 5: Traditional Britain Fash

The Privy Council, consisting of Cathedral “Cathy” Princess, Welga Sigor, Ollie, and our flying Scotsman, F39, talk about Cathy’s visit to the Traditional Britain Group Conference, the crushing of the House of Lords, and update you on the MQ, the Great Invasion, and generic degeneracy in Britain and beyond.

00:00:00. Intro
00:02:00. TBG conference
00:02:40. John Morgan - Traditionalism
00:10:10. John Kersey - Education
00:13:05. Quinian Terry - Architecture
00:18:32. Theodore Darlymple - Historiography
00:21:27. NHS interlude
00:27:29. Rev Peter Mullen - Church of England dissident
00:30:06. Dr Sean Gabb - The Police State
00:37:06. Descent of the House of Lords and the Tax credit bonanza
00:55:35. Helloween riots in London
00:58:00. Updates from the Great Invasion
01:11:31. MQ
01:14:39. Degeneracy
01:27:50. Hitler dindu nuffin
01:29:20. Pre-Remembrance Sunday triggering

Traditional Britain Group

Helloween Riots in London

Updates from the Great Invasion

Scotland to be drowned in migrants

Leftie luvvie signals

Hungary proves that Kebab fences work


Saudi national "Briton" released from Gitmo, gets gibs

Generic degeneracy

School goes full poz

Porn for the blind

Tranny (not) allowed in women's prison - update: now allowed

Hitler was right

Not enough money for Remembrance Sunday parade, enough money for nogs