Ghoul's TRS Halloween Special

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A series of horror stories narrated by Ghoul, created by Ghoul and members of the TRS community.

0:00 - Intro
1:25 - The Gibs Me Dead (By Ghoul)
6:20 - Shlomo’s Slaughter House (By Jivehonkey)
9:04 - Nightmare of Twin Tree Street (By Wap)
13:08 - Journey to Swplvania (By Shub-Niggurath)
21:13 - The Dildo Fields (By thegoyimknow)
30:00 - Furs of Death (By Death)
36:55 - Spooky Standard Fuck-Party (By Seventh Son)

We at TRS wish you goys a very 2sp00ki Halloween.

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